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Forrest Gump


What a movie, not seen it in years.

Good grief, you just cant beat it as a feel good movie.


One of the greatest movies ever in my opinion.

Do you also think that the more recent curious case of benjamin button ranges in the same category? I found both made me feel the same, though I still prefer Forrest.


ABSOLUTLY enjoyed benjamin button. even if it is a tad long.


Benjamin Button should have been shorter they REALLY dragged it out lol.


I agree, top 5 movie. I reckon I have watched it over 50 times(not joking either)


Yep...I love that movie.


Forrest Gump is definitely one of those "great" movies that just about everyone loves.

Regarding Benjamin Button; I actually JUST finished watching it not twenty minutes ago for the first time. I can definitely see parallels and similarities between the two movies, but nothing that should take away from the movie unless you're a pretentious movie critic or something.

And for the record, I cried like a little bitch at the end of BB.


I never liked Gump. Overrated.
I always felt like it was so contrived, almost to the point where it insulted the viewer's intelligence.

I can't possibly be the only dude who feels this way about it.


Your not...... I rewatched it recently and it is absolutely horrid.