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Forrest Griffin Post 101 Interview


Did a quick search and didn't come up with anything.

To me, I sort of felt like Forrest doesn't have that mind set to fight. I would like to see him recover from his fight against Anderson Silva but I think he's never going to get over it.

The reporter made a great comment on Forrest's jogging ability 3:14.


…What the hell happened to Forrest?


[quote]WolBarret wrote:
…What the hell happened to Forrest?[/quote]

Got beat up badly lol.

Trying to imagine being in his shoes I would most likely find it hard to get over a loss that badly. You can even see in the video he wants no reminders about it. I persoanlly think if he really gets back into fighting and training like REALLY gets back into it he can turn his career around.

“I’ve been hitting the stair master…” (could be a fib about training)
More so, didn’t seem to much into it.


Whatever, he’ll get over it. He always acts like a baby after he loses.


Heads up, Forrest speaks,

Forrest Griffin can be a quirky guy to figure out. He’s not the most gracious loser. So in the aftermath of his loss to Anderson Silva at UFC 101, where he made a mad dash from the cage, you knew he wasn’t going to be in a giving mood when he first spoke publicly about his actions and the loss.

Dave Farra from MMA30 grabbed him, and at first Griffin joked:

“There’s no reason [I did it]. Anytime I lose a fight that’s what I’m doing from now on. I’m just going to jump over the cage and run out.”

Griffin went on to joke that he was on quaaludes when he fought. Then he got a little more serious:

“There’s nothing to say. It’s not about talking, I thought it was a fighting sport. I’m tired of talking to people.”

Griffin added that he doesn’t talk to the media anymore and that he doesn’t like the media anymore. Griffin, who got married during his down time since the Aug. 8 loss, said he doesn’t understand why people even care about what he does:

“It gets old, all of it. People putting a lot of hopes and dreams on you. Telling you they put money on you, and ‘you’re my kid’s idol.’ I don’t want to hear that [expletive]. Get Tom Brady on you’re kid’s wall. Why me?”

It’ll be interesting to see how the UFC handles Griffin. To tell sell the sport, most of the fighters (Brock Lesnar excluded) have to cooperate somewhat with the media. As far as the idol talk, Griffin’s words are similar to those of former NBA star Charles Barkley, who repeatedly said, “I’m not an idol.”

Barkley and Griffin are right. Parents need to explain the case of Griffin’s behavior, that running from the cage is a little ridiculous but it’s an emotional moment and even the most professional human being can lose their head sometimes. I just wonder how many will call a spade, a spade and say that Griffin in defeat isn’t any different than Lesnar after a win.

Heres’ the link if you want it:


Looks like the kid likes to fight but can’t handle being a star. Guess he should have thought hard about that before doing the Ultimate Fighter.

Though probably in his wildest dreams he never thought it would be as big as it is.


I just finished Forrest’s book Got Fight? and its extremely funny.


[quote]Miss Parker wrote:
I just finished Forrest’s book Got Fight? and its extremely funny.[/quote]

You read? Who the hell reads in 2009? Youtube or nothing!


[quote]AttackOfTheChris wrote:
Whatever, he’ll get over it. He always acts like a baby after he loses. [/quote]

True, I really liked the guy at first… funny and gracious when he won. He did give Evans his props for that fight, but acted like a spoiled brat for the Jardine and Silva losses. Now he hates the press and his fans. This is about as stupid as Rampage saying he didn’t want the belt because it caused him too much trouble. Couldn’t be the 4 days of Rockstar and Hydroxycut, and it couldn’t be that Forrest is just not as good as he thinks he is. I wish Forrest would just quit playing the humble game to the cameras and be himself.


Too many people give him shit for the whole running out of the arena thing. I mean he’s an emotional guy, when he loses its a big blow to him. Some guys are like that, they get really emotionally invested in their work, and in competition. He took a horrible beating at the hands of an extremely talented middleweight champion, as a former LHW champ taking your second loss in a row after a long lay-off, that’s a big hit on the ego. I can’t say I wouldn’t have acted the same way.


I remember having read that it’s not so much the losing the really bothers Forrest, but getting knocked out. I’ve never been knocked out, but I have experienced something similar sometimes after having a grand mal seizure where I’m just laid out on the ground and I can’t move at all. Believe me, you have no idea what it’s like for your body not to listen to you and to experience that absolute helplessness. I wouldn’t blame him in the least for wanting to run off to spend some time to get over that.