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Forrest Griffin has AMAZING Cardio


as he's running out of the ring....


I really like Forrest and really thought he would push Anderson a bit. But this fight was just strange. I mean, what the hell happened to Forrest? He must have taken a really hard shot and had to have been hurt from something earlier, but I don't remember seeing anything. Just strange, and dissapointing.


Lol I love Anderson's cockiness. It's just so funny to watch! Agreed, though. Weird fight.


LOL... Run Forest Run !!

What the hell just happened...It's like he just gave up!..It didn't seem like he was hit that hard.


he didn't give up. he was out. he got hit while moving forward, watch his head snap back. great job by silva. look at forrest's arms robotically go up defensively. he is out.


Silva makes it look sooooooo easy.


Honestly, who didn't see it going this way? I was rooting for Forrest, but come on, Silva is a sniper!


I disagree. He wasn't out, it seemed like he just didn't bring his 'A' game and decided to give up. He brought his arms up because he didn't want to fight anymore and needed the ref to save him.


It's bizarre, but I felt like Forrest didn't want to be made a fool of in the fight so he chose not to continue.

I thought he'd do better. Nobody can know what the guy is feeling right now.


wait. wait. what?

did you watch the replay? he collapsed and laid out flat then brought his arms up similar to that boxer who kept punching after getting KO'ed. if he wasn't out, he deserves an oscar for his performance of a ko'ed mma fighter.


That sucks I really like forrest and thought he'd pull it off as the underdog as he has in the past...


easy to say that from sitting behind your keyboard... anyone who takes a clean shot to the jaw from a striker like Silva is in the hurt locker, and I think even if he did verbally tap with the hands up, he was out of commission.


go forward aggressively and throw two punches and have your buddy punch you in the face after you miss the second.


It seemed to me that he put his arms up to indicate that he gave up, but he could have been subconsciously defending himself.

Anyways KenFlo moves back down the totem pole. That's his second title shot and he couldn't seal the deal.


I agree, anyone who takes a clean shot to the jaw from Silva is in the hurt locker. But he threw a right jab while stepping back. Did you guys even watch the fight? Forrest flopped around on the ground and then Anderson stood there taunting him. When is the last time you have seen Forrest not engage someone? He's always game, but this time was different. It was almost like he just wasn't into it.


Yea after being knocked down twice it's kinda hard to get into it. Who's next for Silva?..i think he could hold the 205 belt if he was willing to fight Lyoto.

Silva is gonna fight again @ 205. Whoever wins between Rashad and Rampage will face Lyoto and the loser will face Silva. Well atleast i hope.


he was dropped twice before that. you can only eat so much punishment. within 3 minutes he hit the floor 3 times, and was staggered another time. his weight was forward and he was swinging as he was hit. If he didn't want it why did he get up after the first, or the second, why didn't he flop when he was stopped in his tracks by the other big shot?

The man is one of, if not the, hardest worker in the ufc. he loves to fight. he had a shot at one of the best. to think he came in without bringing it mentally is nuts to me.

or i could be a jackass.


or i could be a jackass.[/quote]

I wouldn't go that far :wink: Your probably right and he was out. Maybe it's because I had high hopes for Forrest, but he just didn't perform like I thought he would. I didn't think Forrest was going to demolish Silva but I did think he was going to make Silva work for it. Apparently not though.


Anderson's head motion was out of this world. There were at least ten combinations forrest threw that would have hit any other fighter. Silva was just too quick. SNIPER SPIDER!


whether he was knocked out cold or tko'd in my opinion is secondary to just how dominant Silva is as a fighter. he was very confident. no one should ever fight with their hands down, but Silva is so damn athletic and quick it doesnt matter, second to none. no other fighter would dream of doing that against griffin.and i am not a Silva fan at all. I dont know if this is just bias or anything, cuz i'll admit forrest has always been a fan fav. of mine, but i've seen alot of his fights and this is so unlike him, this kind of performance, and also post fight reaction. i mean he has been in some brawls, and even on the losing end, comes out graciously as a loser. makes me wonder if there was any behind the scenes stuff going on , whether physically or in his head.

regardless, silva earned that win. but whos next? machida? lol brock?