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Formula One racing

This past weekend was the Air Canada Grand Prix in Montreal, and holy shit, do people ever make a big deal about this. Any F-1 fans in the house, or anyone who has an opinion on all the hubub? Personally, I don’t give a damn how much the cars cost or how fast they go, watching a bunch of cars go around in circles for a few hours is boring. Very boring. Not to mention that its all bourgeoise shit to begin with. Is formula one a sport? Or an exhibition? Doesn’t the most expensive car usually win? Its funny how NASCAR is the racing for white trash, and F-1 is the racing for rich kids with daddy’s Porshe. Anyway, discuss…

Yes, and weightlifting is for muttonheads with low selfesteem.

No rubberman, F1 cars go around a race track. Nascars and Indy cars go around circles.
You may think that the most expensive car always wins because ferrari is always winning at the moment. Not true, M Schumacher is a bloody genius. The greatest talent is what is winning most of the time.

Formula-1 has some wild courses in Europe, they go through towns and cities. Racing is fun to watch occasionally, even if you are just waiting for a big crash with tires flying everywhere. *disclaimer - I don’t want people to die, but a fireball looks cool.

Anyway, the most expensive car does not always win, sometimes it is luck, sometimes driver skill. This year at the Indy 500 a yellow flag was the decider - the lead car was almost out of gas and no one can pas under a yellow so he just slowed down to a crawl (relatively) and made his last few laps.

I wouldn't watch it every day, or even every week, but it's fun occasionally. And come one you're going to say car racing is boring to watch? Have you ever watched golf???

I just saw the coolest thing: a little over 20 Semi Trucks all carrying a forumula one racing car (or cars), along with some motor coaches and police escort - traveling right up Broadway (the main street that goes through downtown Portland and by Portland State U).

Just thought it was a pretty impressive display...

A quote from George Carlin on car racing:
‘Who gives a fuck about a bunch of redneck jerk offs driving 500 miles in a circle. In a circle! A child can do that. No, give us car accidents and crushes, fireballs… thats what we are waiting for…’ I’d wager this applies to about 50% of the fans?