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Formula for Getting Proper Amount of ml's in Syringe?

Hello everyone, so I’m having the worst brainfart and completely forgot how to get the dosaging correct on how much mg’s of tren/test to put in this 3cc needle.
I have a vial of Tren-A 200mg/1ml
and a vial of test prop 200mg/1ml
I want to put in 75mgs of tren and 62mg test prop in the syringe to use it eod
If someone could please remind me of the formula to calculate this it would be greatly appreciated!

The formula will be:

Dose / Concentration = Amount to inject

So for the Test Prop:

62 mg / 200 mg/ml = 0.31 ml

And for the Teen:

75 mg / 200 mg/ml = 0.375 ml

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