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forms of HCG

I’m used to seeing this come as two 10 ml multi dose vials: one containing sterile water as a solvent and the other with the HCG and enough empty space to create 10 ml of solution totaling 10000 i.u.

Lately, I’ve seen a version (Pregnyl)that’s 2 1 ml amps (1 solvent, one HCG) yielding 5000 i.u. in 1 ml of solution. This means trying to draw 0.2 cc of solution for a 1000 i.u. dose and 0.1 cc for 500 i.u., right?

Do people do this or is it acceptable to add an additional 4 ml of sterile solvent to produce a dose vs. volume equivalent that’s easier to administer?

If so, the Pregnyl solvent isn’t labled as sterile or bacteriostatic water; it isn’t labeled as anything other than “Solvent”. Are all brands of HCG water soluble?

BTW, this is my first post on this forum so feel free to flame if you must but when the fire dies down, I’d appreciate any insight someone might care to share.

i just load 1cc(5000i.u./cc) into a single barrel and inject as needed from that. simply swapping a 30g pin each time

Bro, I re-constitute my HCG then put it in a sterile vial. I then use a slin pin for injections. Makes it easy to draw and easy to measure!!!

Drago, where do you keep the syringe between shots, in the fridge or somewhere else. With 500 IU on weekends, you have it for 10 shots?

yup, the fridge works nicely. by keeping it in 1 barrel and reusing that with a new pin each time, i dont lose as any hcg in drawing up from a vial.