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Is formestane and arimidex the same drug. In Brians article he says to take 250 mg formestane during the cycle. Would you take 250 mg of arimidex in place of the formestane or are they differant dosages?

No, they are quite different with Arimidex (anastrazole)
being an oral, very specific inhibitor and Formestane
(4-hydroxandrostenedione) being an injecion and a non
specific inhibitor (like Cytadren/aminoglutethimide).

I disagree with Brian as I think Formestane sucks and
that Arimidex is a vastly superior drug. Formestane will
screw up mineral and mineralcorticoid metabolism while
Arimidex will not.

Stick with the Arimidex.


Thanks for the reply Brock- what would be the dosage of the ARIMIDEX. If you are familair with Brians article he said 250 mg formestane on day 2 and 15. Never done a 2 week cycle like Brians sample cycle, so Im clueless about the whole deal-any help would be appreciated.

Absolutely… formestane just is not a very good drug. And no, it’s not that 250 mg of Arimidex is equivalent to 250 mg of formestane… only a few mg of Arimidex is needed to
equal that amount of formestane.

And I am surprised Brian would say 250 mg of formestane
for an entire cycle… I would guess he said 250 mg/week,
and it really is only moderately effective at that dose
in male bodybuilders, AND is a painful injection and can
make you feel bad… I would forget about it.

Yes it was 250 mg formestane on day 2 & 15 of first three weeks and day 250 mg day 2 of the second two week phase. He had reccommended three weeks on, one week off. two weeks on, three weeks off. What dosage of arimidex would you use in place of this, 210 pounds LBM, Brian states that the use of formestane is critical during short cycles, whats your opinion. If you are familair with Brians cycle series, would you change anything besides using Arimidex instead of formestane-Thank You for all your help

The dose of Arimidex is probably 1/2 or 1 mg per day and
really needs to be established by blood testing (preferably)
or salivary testing. There is no guaranteed formula.
However 1 mg/day is often correct at the 1 gram per week
level of testosterone use, while 1/2 mg/day is often
correct if using half that much testosterone.

I’d suggest just reading various articles on T-net that
have been written about cycles, and discussion here on
the board, rather than say “This is how I would change
Brian Batcheldor’s cycles.” That’s because there is
no one best way to change the cycle… each athlete will
be in a different position and have different goals,
timetable etc. His cycles are optimized towards particular
goals which may not be your; ditto for particular cycles
I have written. Better to learn the ideas and thinking
behind different cycles.

Agreed, I am constantly reading and trying to educate myself on proper use of AS as well as proper diet, training and supplementation. Would that be 1 mg a day, every day for two weeks then one week off. The first three weeks are the heavy test dosages using omnadren and prop. The next two weeks I will use winstrol and primo depot,-would I use the arimidex here to. I guess I should of asked this question to begin with. Do you think there is a need for arimidex during a three week on 1 off two week on?

The Omnadren includes long acting components so aromatization could well still be an issue 2 weeks after your last injection.