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formerly vegan

i’ve recently begun eating animals after being stricly vegan for the last four years. i had a sort of spiritual awakening, realizing what the food chain really is, understanding that consuming animals has the ability to heal and build a person, blah blah.
my question is, what foods do youall suggest for someone like me? what tastes good, what’s best for building muscle, and all that. understand it’s been all combining proteins and soy isolate for some time now. thanks. peace.

The article “Foods that make you look good naked” by TC and Chris Shugart at T-mag would be a good place to start.

For the first bit, you’re going to want to treat yourself. Don’t make any meat dishes for yourself until you’ve had a few prepared by decent cooks. That way, you can learn what you like

My favorite meat is hamburger, because it’s really easy to cook and really easy to chew. The problem with eating so much is that chewing sometimes becomes a chore.

well i eat 6 times a day ,and some times chewing is a chore, and sometimes im not really hungry. here’s my trick to eating like crazy, i take a bong toke.haha

I’ve heard people use weed, but I have no interest. I find that using fat as my main calorie choice makes it easy to get enough calories per day. It doesn’t seem to satiate me like it does for others.

I agree with El, get some experience with some well prepared, tasty meat products that you can probably only find in a resturant. Well, there, or with someone who knows their shit. This will give you an idea on where you want to go. This is, of course, after the initial introduction of meat into your diet, which you seem to be doing. Try everything–steakhouses, BBQ, any and everything.