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Former Powerlifter HPTA Shutdown?

New to this forum, I’d greatly appreciate any constructive advice. I started lifting weights at a very young age, maybe 12. I was a collegiate powerlifter until I was injured in my junior year and got hooked on pain pills. Got sober at 24 and ran my first 12 week cycle of test a year later. I’m 31 now and have probably done at least 5 cycles.

I got married and stopped lifting for about a year, gained a lot of fat. I lost my interest in sex, ed and had no motivation to get in the gym. I recently decided I’d had enough and forced myself to workout, no energy, always tired and achey. I should’ve went to a doctor but started running 500mg of Test C a week and I feel like a new man. It was almost over night that I started feeling better. All of my previous symptoms are gone.

I’ve been back in the gym a couple months. Now I’m a pretty big guy, I’m 6’4” 290 lbs at around 26% body fat. My bench is in the 400s for the first time in years. Im using aromasin ED because of my bf %. I’d started getting some moon face early on but my E2 seems to be under control now. Without the test I was so depressed and felt so unhealthy.

I’ve seen a lot of disdain for people with higher body fat using gear but I feel like its a lot more unhealthy for me to be without it at this point. Other than the e2 sides, is there anything else I should be worried about being at a higher bf%? Much appreciated

post a pic, you’re a giant

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Do you plan to come down to a cruise dose and stay there? Seems like you’d benifit from one. You never mention PCT in prior cycles, is that something you skipped?

I wouldn’t stay at 500 mg/wk indefinitely. You should be able to feel pretty good on a lower dose. Maybe try out 200-250 mg/wk. Focus on some fat loss until you are in the teens for BF.

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During my first couple of cycles I was definitely a little bit ignorant. I didn’t do a proper PCT my first two times but I did PCT after each subsequent cycle. I’ve also read that opioid pain meds can wreak havoc on your HPTA.

Opioid induced hypogonadism is common. Trt is probably in your future. Find a good doctor or clinic and they’ll set you up. (After you’re done cycling)

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I’d say basic issues that come with higher body fat, heart health, lipids, IR, etc. all those get exacerbated on high dose test. Make sure you’re not crushing your e2 as well, that has a lot of cardio protective benefits you’d be missing out on

Unless he was on tapentadol or Buprenorphine, chances are he wasn’t. Oxycodone was the big one during the start of America’s opiate epidemic.

Opiate induced hypogonadism can be reversed provided HPTA suppression hasn’t been going on for a VERY long time, at which point I’m not sure if it can be reversed.

I know there are some clinicians advocating for TRT to be prescribed to chronic pain patients who are either symptomatic and/or taking more than a certain morphine equivalent dose daily. I found and still do find constant pain is far more manageable on TRT.

I started out on oxycodone/acetaminophen and went on to use extended release oxymorphone(Opana) as well as OxyContin. I took Carisoprodol(Soma) for muscle spasms and occasionally used Diazepam(Valium). All of this was prescribed by the same doctor for years. Eventually I moved to Florida to get sober and wound up on “pain management dose” of Buprenorphine(Subutex). I was on 24mg a day for about a year and was in more pain than ever. I tapered off the subs, which was absolutely brutal, but nothing has helped my pain more than living an active, healthy lifestyle.

I’ve noticed Subs are great for my mental well being, but do nothing for pain. Basically just put me in a better mood