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Former non-athlete? Into sports late? Nerd turned Jock? Please take this survey

I’d like to find out about people who got into sports, especially weight training, unexpectedly or in an unlikely or unconventional way, or who relate to sports in an unorthodox way. For example,

  • Were you a totally non-athletic, or un-interested in sports, before unexpectedly getting into sports or weight training?

  • Were you a former nerd (or still a nerd) who became a jock/athlete?

  • Did you have to overcome a disability to be athletic or lift weights?

  • Are you a “late bloomer” getting into sports at a later point in life?

If so, please take my survey, and provide your feedback. Click here:


I’m planning on putting together a blog/site dealing with individualistic or unorthodox involvement in sports, especially weight oriented sports. Its not anything too flashy, just a do it yourself type site. Its still mostly an idea, but I appreciate your input. Thanks in advance!