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Former Lineman that Fell Waaay Off the Wagon!!


Im trying to burn fat and cut up my muscle. I used to play Arena Football about 4 years ago and every since I stop I added about 40lbs and my cardio is for shit. Can someone please point me in the right direction. I now stand at 6'2 380lb... HELP!


What were you doing as lineman? What kind of numbers were you putting up? Have you been active at all these last 4 years? Anything you can't do now because of injuries and such?


I am going to assume you are mid to late twenties. I am uncertain what 'my cardio is shit means??
Sometimes a situation requires work to reach a point where progress can begin. From station-bike to walking, from walking to walking fast, from walking fast to trotting, from trotting to jogging, etc. The same with other cardio/conditioning stations. When you reach a point where you've got some traction you try some HIT work, and so on. Same with the resistance training. Of course you are going to have to change your habits outside the gym as well. Be prepared for a battle.