Former Finas User, Experiencing Severe Symptoms. Feedback on Bloods?

Hi Guys - First post here and new delving into the realm of hormone balances etc. and all the fun that comes with it.

I’d like to get some feedback on my bloods before I go off and spend further money on doctors who specialise in the hormonal field (as doctors are in australia are stubborn and discount your symptoms if you test within range).

I’ll give a quick TLDR on my situation. Im a 35 yr old male. I took propecia in my early adult life, about 2 years from 19-20yrs old. Back then there wasn’t much known about the drug and I couldn’t get help from any doctors. I suffered really bad changes to my libido/ED and had some gyno, and depression/brain fog and that was made me cease use. But it was post propecia where i had huge issues - extreme changes to my penile tissue, size/girth, firm changes to the tissue, poor vasculation etc etc - I wont go into it because i’m sure you know what i’m talking about.
The depression and mental issues lifted somewhat over the years but the penile changes remained, however I maintained normal relationships successfully, using some viagra/cialis here and there to get by.

Fast forward to this year, 35 years old, and I’ve had a rapid decline in my health. Symptoms include;

  • Complete decimation of my libido. 0 interest in sex. Recoil at the thought of my partner touching me or wanting to have sex. Don’t even wank anymore.
  • Extreme tiredness, fatigue. No drive. Don’t want to do anything, be around anyone.
  • Heavy depression in which I can feel the sensation of wanting to cry regularly. Complete blunting of emotions and anything that gave positive feedback is gone.
  • Penis and Erectile issues that i’ve carried through the years completely worsened.
  • Throughout the years I’ve trained hard and put on mass easy (im short) but I’ve always been chubby/stocky with that - especially around visceral, breasts, and groin area above penis. So despite being strong, training 6 times a week, I could never get lean. Its hard for me to say whether I’ve got weaker from hormonal issues, or just general aging and not going to the gym as much with covid. But the past 3-4 weeks ive been unable to train due to fatigue. Prior to that I was training ok.
  • Really bad sleep disturbance
  • Poor thermoregulation (i get hot and sweaty very easy)
  • Really bad cognition, memory. Struggling to start and complete tasks.

I really sat down and thought to myself what could I have done to invoke this turn in my health. And the only thing I can think of which I really changed this year was I 1) took lion manes for 3 months at the start of the year and 2) was using azaelic acid on my face.
I had no idea but after researching I learnt these can inhibit DHT in a similar way to finasteride.
Perhaps I am sensitive along this hormone pathway and I’ve set off the chain of events that I once went through back in my early 20’s from finasteride by taking these?

Anyway, I’ll upload my bloods to see what you guys think, i’d really appreciate your thoughts/advice on what you think and where I should go from here. From my early reading the past few days, it does look like my total test is on the low side (400 ng/dl) for a 35 yr old.

Note - with my bloods, the provider gives my last 3 samples. As you can see the first bloods given are from 2008 (when i was 22). It’s important to note these values are post-propecia. I unfortunately do not have baseline bloods BEFOPE taking finas.

I also understand I’ll probably need more bloods to get a bigger picture - such as estrogen, DHT. Anything else I should look into?

The guidelines state TRT is warranted for Free T levels below 225nmol/L, your levels are not considered bad, not steller either.

The bar is set high to be able to get TRT and the fact is men experience symptoms of low T far sooner than these cut offs.

The normal ranges aren’t normal at all according to Dr. Eugene Shippen.

Some doctors even prescribe TRT up to 400 ng/dL and most with T problems are ignored and unrecognized as having Low T.

You have something going on in the liver. I would check your lipids.

Thanks for your response.

My lipids were okay according to my doc, except for triglycerides being a little high. Probably from not having the best diet. I am a social drinker but nothing crazy.

Do you think given my symptoms, not amazing T levels, and former Finas use - its worth exploring the hormone path more?

When I see PFS as a factor, TRT is the first step. Get TRT started and invest in penis pump that will get blood flowing your dick asap. Dont let things just be. You want answers, and they will come as soon as you start to push your limits again. Working out, eating right, hygiene, and high standards. It gets better if you have high T for the drive and motivation that comes with the territory. The thing is that TRT is not a magic bullet. You have change your life but its tough when T is lower than pre Finasteride.