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Former Fatty Needs Help

Here’s the deal. Over the last few years my weight has dropped from the massive 285lbs to 177lbs. Now I’m at around 185-190 and i’m 6’2.

I know I’ve lost a massive amount of weight and it was done mostly through cardio/being a broke college kid.

So now I’m at that point where, while I’m glad I’ve lost the weight, but I’ve still got that gut and some love handles that are just ANNOYING. And the work I use to do really doesn’t do it so much anymore. Advice?

I still run maybe 3 times a week and do some light weights/crunches/push ups as well. The small club i’m a member w/ has machines and free weights but no press bars or whatever! What would the best program be for a guy like me who is tall and sort of lean…but still trying to get off that old fat?

Some good info here if you haven’t read it yet:


well sheesh! thanks :slight_smile:

Just want to say welcome. There are quite a few of us FFBs out here. Its all about fionding what works for you like anyone else. Many times we just have to watchj diet a bit more and maybe a little more cardio.

One of the big things also is also overcoming the idea that you never want to get fat again andf not allowing ones self to eat enopugh to grow if thats the goal. Fact is that we more than others have to most times lose are abs to make significant gains in strength. But once you have a hold on it. Man honestly losing isd the eassy part. Its just about NOT eating Junk in large amounts where Building Muscle is a PROCESS.

Just dont get scared to lose the abbs/add some Fat.

Holler if you have any ?'s and Good luck