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Former Fat Boy Seeking Advice for Cutting Fat


Hey all,

So i have been toying with diet and after reading alot of posts by both CT and Chris Shugart this is the diet i have come up with:

I am currently at 193 Lbs 6'1" the caliper reads 10.5% but based off of pictures of people around the forum i think i am higher then that mybe more around 11-12%

Body Re-composition: Everyday Diet
1.75 Grams Protein per pound Lbm = 300 G protein = 1200kcal
50 Grams Carbohydrate = 200kcal
1100kcal/9 = 112 g Fat â?? 12 g fish oils= 100 Grams dietary Fat

Daily Breakdown: 300 g protein, 50 gram carbohydrate, 100 g fat ~2500 Kcal on workout days
â?¢ Post workout shake added on all training days: 20-25g Protein(whey), 30-35g Carbohydrates <5g fat
o =220-240 calories

The daily carbs of 50g will come all from vegetables, primarily highly fibrous veggies like:
Spinach, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Green salads, maybe a few onions and celery here and there.

The Post workout shake will essentially be 1 scoop whey, 1 cup almond milk, 1 banana for a moderate GI carb.

Lifting will be 5 times a week Either using the I,Bodybuilder program or a program based around the big lifts like squats bench dead lift ect.

Fasted runs to be preformed at least twice a week 30+ mins followed by ab work
Hiit Running 3 times a week followed by 4 rounds through a fat burning dumbbell complex.

Thoughts/ideas/suggestions are appreciated.



Hey man, I'm sure I wont be the first to say this but your calories look pretty low to me. Maybe bump them up to 3500 on workout days and use 2500 on your off days. Also it seem like most of your focus is on your diet which is definatly Important but you really need a good lifting program as well. All the good food in the world wont help you get bigger without a solid program. Starting strenth is a great program. Also DO NOT do fasted run's that is a SURE way to loose muscle. If you must do cardio fasted then keep your heart rate around 65% of its max I recomend walking on an inclined treadmill. And before you do that, take some bcaa's or a scoop of pure whey protein to spare yourself from any catabolism.

Hope that helps a little. Good Luck


I agree with Dave about the fasted cardio. If you want to do it, great, but I would keep the intensity lower like Dave suggested.

I also would not do HIIT with only 50g carbs per day. You might be able to get away with it once you are fat adapted, but even then your performance will lag.

Instead of doing complexes after HIIT, I would do them two days a week, and 30 minutes of cardio. There is a lot of literature on this, and basically the complexes cause lactic acid build up, which I guess increases growth hormone levels. Once GH levels are elevated, your body is primed for burning fat (from what I understand), hence the cardio afterwards.

Also, dont quote me on this, but I think CT specifically said not to use IBB on a low carb diet (or maybe on a cal deficit diet period). I would use something similar to the suggested Starting Strength program, or any 5X5 program that is worked around the big lifts.

Your macros look good, but some recommend not counting fiberous veggies at all in your diet, because they are basically all fiber. You will have to adjust your calories to find out what works best for you. I know it sucks, and it will take maybe a few weeks to do it, but that is going to be the only real way to find out how much to eat in order to start losing.


First off, thank you both for your replies, i really appreciate it!

As to my caloric level i agree it is low, i will adjust it up slightly and see how i feel and try to adjust based on my results.

I didn't talk too much about lifting just because that is an area i have much more comfort that i am doing it right, smithers based on what you said i did research and yah IBB will not be what i do. I have a very solid program based around big lifts with steady slow progression that is working great for me so i will stick to that.

In terms of the cardio i had no idea about the idea of complexs BEFORE cardio and that sounds like such a great idea so thank you. I will try out maybe this kind of cardio rotation:
3 days a week Complexs followed by an uphill treadmil walk for 45-60mins then i would do this before eating but i would take some BCAA'S and glutamine before doing it.

Other days i will not do my cardio fasted but during the day i will go for runs, as i have found running is very key for me for losing fat because of how my body responds. Also as much NEPA as i can get.

I also plan on taking HOT-ROX to try and aide in body fat loss.
I really have to go to extremes to make progress with fat loss because of my body type and my former fat boy status this is why my calories or cardio schedule may seem a little intense but its the reality of my body.

More input is great everyone!


I am not against fasted cardio, I just dont think you are going to be able to do fasted HIIT on such a low carb diet. I would trade the HIIT for something like some incline walking for the first few weeks and still do it in a fasted state, and then maybe if you feel up to it try and incorporate fasted HIIT.

However, this is all just based off what I have read. I have been following some of these principles, losing weight at a moderate rate, but I am still trying to figure things out for myself.


I have been doing the HIIT cardio for a couple weeks, it doesn't seem to do as well for me as 30-40 minute runs, which i plan to incorporate over the next few weeks.