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Former Competitive BBer Starting to Lift Again

Hi Christian, I’m a 43y old male with lots of health issue… First I was an Italuan competitive Bodybuilder from 1996 til 2008 but since the end of 2008 I had health problem (lungs), which at the moment has only 35% of function, since then I could not lift anymore + I’m on life medication and that gave me diabetes t1 and osteoporosis… but lately I just restarted lifting again to help my bones and to gain weight… I will follow a full body workout 3-4 times a week not splits…
No arm training because I have no much time for them… I’m very limited and need to gain weight quickly because now I’m only 59kg compared to my 85kg with less then 3% of fat on stage in 2008, I’ll admit that I was not natural at the time… Food intake is getting fixed, but with diabetes t1 weight gain is not easy and training its very important to achieve it… since I stopped training in 2008 I’ll done only cardio and I look like shit… I’ve restarted lifting about three month ago…
This is my training now… Let me know
1)DB Squat 5x5
2)Stability Ball DB Chest Press 4x10-8
3)Behind the neck pull-ups 4x 15-12

1)BB Bent Row 5x5
2)Seated DB Soulder Press 4x12-10
3)BB Romanian Deadlift 3x 20-15

1)BB Floor Chest Press 5x5
2)Bulgarian Split Squat 4x20-15 x leg
3)Pull-ups weighted 3-4x 8-6

1a)Rings Elevated Push-ups 5x20-15
1min rest then
1b)Rings Inverted Row 5x20-15
3 min rest then repeat
2)DB One Leg Deadlift 4x20-15
3)DB Farmer’s Walk 3x1 min

I’m using Stability Ball to help my muscle stiffness, and I substitute BB Squat to DB Squat to relieve the pressue on my lungs…
Rest between sets are 3-4 min due to my low oxygen saturation… On Saturday il try to move faster with the first two exercise but not much, I do not want to faint…
Let me know
Best regards