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Former Big Strong Fat Guy Thread


I?ll say up front that I was never ?obese? in the sense of being sedentary and having no muscle. I?m naturally pretty big and strong and played up on this persona by stuffing my face and telling myself I was bulking. It worked; I gained a lot of muscle, but became obese in the process. I won?t give specific numbers because this is the internet and I could make up anything, but suffice it to say I was north of 280 (with at least 20% bf) and strong. It was fun in the gym, but only because I was the cliched strong fat guy with the usual throng of sycophants. Now I maintain mid 220?s and 10% bf (at around 6?2) and still have a life.

I?d put myself in the category of FFB because, even though my obesity was self induced, without keeping things tight I obtain a lovely set of moobs and a jiggly belly with frightening ease.

I?m not an expert at anything other than killing time at my boring desk job, but I did lose a bunch of weight and I?ve kept if off for about 8 years. If any other former Big Strong Fat Guys (BSFG) want to start a dialog, or any current BSFGs or FFBs want some advice, let the fun begin.


Can you post any pics or anything. Like b4 and after?


^^Heres my log^^


How did you drop the weight?

Im kind of in the same boat...minus the sycophants.

Did you end up losing much muscle?


I could probably scare some up, but I'm not going to post pics on the web. I realize it might add to my credibility, but I'm not willing to live with the negatives.


Like e-stalkers and gay dudes using your picture as masturbatory shooting practice? But why?

This is why I probably won't publically post any news one either. The ones I've posted in the past will simply have to do unless I actually compete.


The initial weight drop came from running. Just running 3 days per week. Training and diet stayed the same because I was paranoid about losing muscle. At first I couldn't even run one lap around the track without dying, but I kept at it and eventually bumped it up to two miles and some stadium sprints. (I still hate running, but I've found that I can't stay lean without it).

This took me down to around 260 after a few months. I didn't lose much strength, so I'm guessing I kept my muscle.

Then I hit a wall and used a simple diet I found on the web. I was hungry, but the weight melted off and I didn't have to run as much. I got down to around 240 and felt great, not too much muscle loss and I could wear 36 pants. Then I got the stupid idea of doing a BB comp (this was in 98). All I did was am cardio and cut cals to get down to around 230 and what I thought was pretty stinking lean. I got my rear handed to me and threw the trunks away.

I stayed around 230 for a couple of years and decided I wanted to get extremely shredded. Using some am cardio and diet tricks I learned on the web I got down to 205 and under 5%. I mentioned before that I'm a big guy and to get smaller than this I'd have to chop off a limp.

Anyway, fast forward to the present day. I'm over 30 now and my priorities have changed. I keep diet and lifting REAL simple.

Diet: 5 meals per day of protein, good fat, and veggies. Only "real" carbs are a half cup of oats with breakfast. Alcohol and free meals (within reason, no binges) on weekends.

Lifting: 3 times per week of whatever. Lately I've been doing DJ inspired oly stuff, but I'll throw in a bb workout now and then. Let me put in a plug here: oly lifting is FUN. Much more enjoyable than bb workouts for me. Here's the kicker; by doing these three days per week and focusing on performance I look better than when I was doing long bb workouts.

If being hyooge is not your goal, try training only the clean and press and snatch for a few months. You'll be shocked. By using cardio and diet to stay lean I'm able to have fun in the gym and not worry about how huge the last set of curls made my arms look.

Cardio: Hill sprints, HIIT, old-fashioned jogging, jump rope, fast walk, etc. three times per week on non-lifting days for 30 minutes to 1 hour. As I mentioned above, one of these has to be a jogging session or I have a tough time staying lean.

Lord I was born a ramblin man. Sorry for the long post, but I hope my screwups can benefit someone. Ask any and all questions and I'll try to point you towards someone who actually knows something.........


How do you know you didn't lose any strength if you weren't weight training? What did you use as a guage?

You were able to get to under 5% just by doing AM Cardio and diet? What did you use for measurement tools?

And that would be?



I never said I stopped weight training. See the sentence "Training and diet stayed the same because I was paranoid about losing muscle".

Yes am cardio and diet took me that low. The 5% measurement came from calipers at my gym. It wasn't easy. Lots of am HIIT and carb cycling for 20 weeks with NO cheats.

The people who know something would be any of the guys who submit training and diet articles on this site and have a much larger pool of data to draw from than one dumb fat guy like me.