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Hey guys,
For those of you into the extreme metal scene - one of the bands on my resume has recently updated their site. I used to drum for them a while back. Songs that somewhat represent my playing include "Obliveon" and "Clandestine" enjoy. I wanted to post this to rebuk all the big and bulky myths that go around the drumming world (i.e. if you gain muscle you will become slow. Strength/Size = speed!!!!


Well, I just wanna say thanks for doing what you do. Life would be terrible without you extreme metal drummers destroying my speakers!

What band?


Haha thanks, its ironic, the first reply is by someone also with the name soldier in itlol. The band I used to play in is called circadian. However, I found out there are two bands with the same name on myspace. The link is above or just type it in if it doesn't work.


Good stuff! I am liking what I am hearing.

Wait, so you're no longer in this band? I wasn't sure I read this correctly. This you on the tracks though?


Hey thanks matt, I used to play drums for them and that is me on those tracks. I'll check out your band as well.


Yea, I'm digging it too. I've only recently gotten into hardcore. I've allways been more into classic metal, power metal, and really gutteral death metal.

I've been turned on to hardcore as I moreso appreciate drumming, the breakdowns and short base blasts are killer!

Some hardcore vocals are a little too, what I call "tough guy" style. Circadian's vocals are more death oriented, and I like that.

Good stuff!


Hey thanks again

I don't think I copied and pasted my link correctly so I'll try again - sorry I'm new to this stuff lol


don't you have a problem with your forearms getting a pump? i have been playing for years now and i notice after particularly rough deadlift sessions i definetly experience cramping while playing sets. do you have any tricks to avoid that?


Hey b, I think if you are planning to practice a lot on a day that you lift, you might want to switch your deadlift or practice day because that lift definitely taxes your whole body/CNS. You want to be as fresh as possible if you have a demanding practice routine. Do you do any hammer curls or reverse curls because they will definitely strengthen your forearms as well. Properly spacing your practice and workout might help - I try to allow at least four hours between lifting and practicing drums. However, the day of a show, I make sure not to lift which is usually not a problem since most shows are usually on the weekend. I think generally, cramping is due to the muscles not being completely warmed up or a lack of hydration. Make sure to drink water before, during and after you practice if you play intense stuff. I hope this helps and if you have other questions feel free to ask.


really? i always thought i got muscle pumps from doing direct forearm work such as wrist curls or thick bar work. I play in a grind/punk band ala terrorizer/discharge and a rock band ala Foo Fighters so i have alot of blast beat action going on but alot of playing 16th notes in the pocket as well. so its a hydration issue..interesting..


Hey be,
I am not saying that it is a definite hydration thing but it is something to consider. Water does lubricate the joints to some degree so it is a good idea to prevent dehydration by drinking before you play.