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Former 1000lb Man Back Over 500lb


Former half-ton man endures hard times in Nebraska
Friday, August 15, 2008 11:10:15 AM

Times are tough for the Nebraska man who once weighed more than 1,000 pounds, but Patrick Deuel says he's trying to keep a positive outlook.

"Oh, I'm still breathing," the 46-year-old Deuel sighed before suddenly letting out a hearty laugh.

Deuel weighed 1,072 pounds in 2004, and in order for him to have lifesaving gastric bypass surgery, a bedroom wall had to be cut out so he could be extracted from his home in Valentine.

After getting down to 370 pounds in late 2006, he was up to 540 in May, the last time he stepped on a scale.

"As far as being able to go out and do the things he wants to do, he's been able to do that," said his wife, Edie. "That's so much better than a number on a scale."

Though Patrick Deuel has put on about 100 pounds in the past year and remains morbidly obese, his health is generally good, said his surgeon, Dr. Fred Harris of Sioux Falls, S.D. If a patient loses 50 percent of his or her excess weight after surgery, it is considered a success, he said.

"Patrick's still ambulatory. He can still drive a car," Harris said. "Last I heard, he can still ride a bike, as opposed to being a week or 10 days from dying."

Deuel acknowledges willpower is not his forte. To the chagrin of his wife and Harris, he still smokes a pack and a half of cigarettes a day. He also has a weakness for chips and salsa.

"I notice that stress eating is something I do well," he said.

Deuel is unemployed. He said he's been going through vocational rehabilitation to determine the type of work that would best suit him. The former restaurant manager said he definitely won't work in food service again. There's too much temptation, he said.

The couple's only income is Patrick Deuel's monthly Social Security check of less than $600.

Running errands, cleaning house and helping his wife find a job occupies much of his time, he said. As for his diet, he said: "Whatever's in the refrigerator is what gets put in the tank."

Deuel said humor is his best coping device.

"It's either curl up in the corner and cry or keep it light and try to get through it," he said. "I could be pretty upset pretty easily, but why should I be?"

This shit makes me angry. Thanks for taking my tax dollars, you worthless motherfucker.



I don't care he is over weight ..to each his own. But the least this fucker could do is pack envelopes or something retard from his home and earn his fat ass a paycheck.


You know, while reading that I kept waiting to get to the part that contained some redeeming qualities about this guy. I kept waiting, and then the article ended.

That guy sucks.


You know you've failed at life when you gain 100lbs in a year after having gastric bypass surgery.

You know your family members are dumb as hell and may be trying to kill you when you can claim

...yet you are STILL getting fatter while only making 600 bucks a month.

HOW do you remain that obese when you are making less than most people pay for rent?

Why doesn't his wife already have a job and how does surgery like this get paid for when the individual is this unproductive in society?


This shit makes me angry. Thanks for taking my tax dollars, you worthless motherfucker.[/quote]



I think there are a lot of T-Nation members that could learn from this guy. Bulking on pennies a day. Besides, I'm glad to know my s.s. money is going to good use.



I agree I think his wife/family is killing him. But he still chooses the bitch. And well if he wants to die. Let him. Less of a drain on public resources.

Its sad to see anyone go like this but its all choice and he makes his every time he eats his gallon of salsa and deep fried corn chips with salt. On the tax payers dime.


Wow, over 1000 pounds! we have some fat fuckers here in Oz but he's the heavy weight champ and a pack and half of smokes a day! classic.


First thing that came to mind


Pokemon, is the first thing that came to your mind? I don't know I would have admitted that.


I would pay money to see that. Poor bike.


Maybe they mean this "bike"?


Dude must be pretty strong. Should get into powerlifting.


The Bike He Rides should get into powerlifting.


I actually work for the Social Security Admin. I see this crap all the time. Disability insurance is so damn easy to get its pathetic. Trust me there are worse people then this guy, he's a worthless sack of shit don't get me wrong. It's worse when people lie and fake disability, then get paid for that and half the time they own their own business and aren't reporting earnings. I want to slap the crap out of some of these people ...but i think i would get fired




I wonder how common weight gain like this after gastric bypass surgery. I mean, if you never change your eating habits, isn't this sort of thing inevitable given enough time post surgery?


How can someone who doesn't work and get's $600 a month support a wife, an unreal diet and a pack-and-a-half a day smoking habit? that's bananas. I thought it was funny that he said his weakness is chips and salsa.


I would say his weakness is not sucking at life.