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Form of the Upright Row

Hi CT,

What would be the best form for the upright row using a barbell ? This is a personal favorite of mine but I feel some pain in my right shoulder while doing it. I read through an article from Jim Wendler and migrated to Karwosaki rows but that has not helped.

Doing the exercise with dumbell helps but then it predominantly becomes a shoulder exercise. On the barbell I use a narrow grip almost 6 inches apart. I feel it more in the trap if I use only two fingers to grab the bar. Using a cable with a rope also helps in reducing the shoulder pain but I don’t enjoy using the cable.

I could not find a video of you explaining this exercise.


Classic Upright Rows can hurt your shoulder joint.

Try Snatchgrip Highpulls instead early in your Wourkout or Face Pulls at the End.

what you want to achieve with upright rows? How look the whole wourkout?

Sorry for bad english

Yes, the classic upright row can be hard on the shoulder joint. I VERY rarely have someone use it personally and since you already have an injury from the exercise I don’t feel comfortable giving you technique recommendations. I can tell you that the FEW times I have used this exercise with bodybuilders we used a grip that was SLIGHTLY inside shoulder width and only rowed until the bar reached the bottom of the sternum, focusing on initiating the movement with the traps.