Form Help Squat and Deads

After a horrible working set of deadlifts on my 3 week of 5/3/1 i realized my form is horrible. So i recorded these videos and would appreciate any and all help.

Squat (175)

Sumo Deadlift (135)(someone stood in front of my phone during my heavier recorded set)

Conventional Deadlift (365)

It seems okay to work with. I would suggest to really focus on bracing your abs for every rep. Do some technique work at the beginning of every session where you just brace as hard as possible a handful of times or before every set and poke your sides to make sure everything is tight and really focus on that during the set.

Do a lot of dumbbell rows, lat pulldowns and overhead work to strengthen your back. It will help in learning to get tight in the main lifts.

Squat looks decent enough. Like lift206 said, work on your tightness. Pull the bar down into your shoulders and pull your elbows under the bar. Squeeze your butt and take you air and squeeze down on everything. Drive your head back into the bar and slow your descent a bit to maintain that tightness better. Coming up, pull your elbows forward and lead with your chest.

I’d recommend prioritising one style of deadlift to start with and get good at that. When you can reliably pull well in that style at max weights, then start learning the opposite style. IMO trying to learn both at the same time will just slow your progress. Which style is up to you, but I would probably start with conventional because it is less technical.

For your conventional pull, focus on getting your setup just right. If you do that and work on holding position at the start the rest will largely follow. Drop your hips a tiny bit more; your knees will drift over a bar a little, but that’s fine. Pull the bar into your shins and your shoulders behind the bar. Point the base of your ribcage at the floor without letting your hips rise. That will bring your chest up and straighten or even arch your back. Keep pulling the bar into your shins. Push hard and fast off the floor (even think of pushing the floor away) keeping that back angle and your shoulders behind the bar while pulling the bar back into yourself. Once the bar is moving, then push your hips through but always keep your shoulders behind the bar and focus on pulling back rather than up. You’ll be a bit slower off the floor but your pulls will most likely feel much smoother once you’re accustomed to this technique.

Thanks for the advice! Will be working on it and hopefully soon throw up a video with proper form! Also when i start pulling i seem to push my hips through really early, is there any reason one would do this?

[quote]JohnMariette wrote:
Thanks for the advice! Will be working on it and hopefully soon throw up a video with proper form! Also when i start pulling i seem to push my hips through really early, is there any reason one would do this?[/quote]

You’re fine. Just focus on bracing your abs hard and continue to do what you’re doing.

Technique is how you execute a lift but if your muscles aren’t very strong, it’s hard to recruit them in the way you want. Focus on getting your back muscles bigger and stronger through overhead pressing, wide grip pulling and narrow grip pulling work and you’ll have the strength to tighten up your setup. Your technique, size and strength will develop concurrently so don’t expect instant progress. You’re on the right track.

Watch both part one and part two

Good information from the GOAT, there’s a conventional video too.

Focus on anything breathing or bracing related, best of luck

Well I’m back and I noticed whenever the weight gets heavy seem to overthink it and form goes to shit, any advice. 135 Looks good to me but 455 looks horrible. Maybe more submaximal lifting and focus on form till I do it right everytime?

Look like you dip your hips good getting ready but the final one to start pulling you cut shallow and pull with your back. You can get away with that for 135 but heavier weight will fold you over. Also and this is my opinion but the longer you take setting up bent over the more time you give yourself to miss the lift mentally.

This. Looks like your hams abandon you causing your back to round. Some time with the ghr for you. Also, the length of that setup has got to take something out of you. Shortening may help

BTW, those plates look enormous relative to you lol

On your dip you’re rounded before you even start the lift. I think you might be over thinking things your set up seemed like it took forever maybe it’s a mental thing with the heavy weight. I like to let the weight pull me into my starting postion as my Lat lock and let tightness gather the fly up like a spring unloading

So I’d say some of it seems mental I’d also drop the straps till the weight goes up develop some grip strength.

@dredka Ive started using straps for training but whenever going for a true 1rm I use a hook grip no straps. Brian Shaw said something a long the lines of you are making yourself unsymmetrical when one arm supinated and one not. There is other ways to test grip strength.(Not saying hes right but that stuck with me).

And thank you for the advice ya I just way over thought it. I think you said it perfectly let the weight pull you into position then you will already have tension right?

@Vincepac1500 So back compensating for hamstrings?

@tsantos Ok thank you man funny enough on craigslist I emailed someone about a ghr. Also I’m 5’8 210ish so not tall by any means but I think its just the angle haha or maybe just taller plates to cheat because I’m weak =P

Thanks for all the advice hopefully not so distant future I can pull 5 with a lot better form.

Yea looks like it

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I had a lot of issues staying right and like you id start to round it was a lot of mental stuff, your brain saying don’t do this you’ll break us. Once I learned to clear my head lock my lats and get tight the weight really started going up. I’m 6’3 265 learning to get tight also meant I needed to sink down a bit so working on my ankle mobility helped a lot. Another thing that helped me a lot were front squats I picked up some oly shoes and went to work front squating every day I was in the gym it didn’t have to be super heavy every day just something it really taught me to keep my core tight. It also fixed the large embalance between my quads and hamstrings