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Form Critiques

Squatting 315 here just getting loose to do some deadlifts and working on depth. First competition is in 3 weeks.

These are my deadlifts that followed the squats. I’m hoping to max around 575 in the competition. about a month ago I hit 545 for a double before backing down for a couple of weeks.

Does the depth and form look like passable lifts on these?

Hey man, nice squats and deadlift.

What I like about your squat is you stay nice and upright, and your knees come forward very well, as well, you have a good bar position, either high bar or moderate bar.

I’d say the squat depth is passable, but it depends where you’re competing, if you’re going IPF you may have to take it down another 2 inches, as you have to go past parallel convincingly.

Other than that, I would simply lock out each rep and squeeze your ass cheeks, I bet you normally do, but looking at your deadlift, your glutes look inactive, and they’re a very imporant muscle for the 2nd half of standing up.

As for your deadlift:

you have a great starting position, and you’re built well to deadlift. It’s going to be a strong lift for you.

However, you won’t get credit for any of those deadlifts, as you need to get your hips through all the way, do this by squeezing your ass, and you need to pull your shoulders back.

I’d start this warm up right away, as it looks like you have some very tight hips:

Also, I’d find some chuck taylors or deadlift slippers to pull in, those shoes are really not the best, but great on you for hitting good numbers in them, as they have some heel, that just makes it harder, find some flat shoes, or indoor soccer shoes, and you’ll notice your pull goes much easier.

Let me know if you have any questions, and afer the meet, I would highly suggest you invest in some weightlifting shoes.

Right now, just take your squats down a few inches if you have to, and do the warm up, lock your pulls by squeezing your ass cheecks, and pull your shoulders way back… and get flat shoes for the deadlift. I wouldn’t change much else this close to a meet, but get some good videos of your max attempts, and I’d love to have a look at them to see where you can improve yourself.

Strong lifting, and tear it up at that meet

Man you pretty much hit the nail on the head!!! My hips are terrible!!! I have backed it down on squats the last month so that I can work on my depth. About 3 weeks ago I was barely hitting parallel on any reps, now I’m getting there on each rep and sometimes getting below. My previous squat workout finished with 405 for 3 triples, and I’m hoping that I can get around 475 at the competition.

With the deadlift I didn’t even think about my hips coming through. I have always thought it was just stand up with the weight. Gotta work on that! I didn’t think about getting a cheap pair of chucks to pull in. At this point I think that would be a good investment.

Thanks for the advice! I’m going to try and get footage of all of my lifts. It is just small town competitions for me right now. I’m just recovering from a pretty good fight with Chrohns disease so I’m very happy with where my lifts are at this point. What would be a respectable total for 3 lifts at 6’2" 220lbs?

I’d probably max very soon, up to something you can hit without any emotional arousal, and get a feel where you’re at, then you’ve got time to recover before the meet.

Best of luck man