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Form Critique Please


Conventional 225


OH press


Font squat 155

Trying to get my form down on everything so I can figure out my 5rm and start doing madcows intermediate program let me know what you guys think, thanks


Would I be better off posting this in a different forum


Your squats look kinda good! only thing i could say is, are those overhead presses or push presses? and for the presses, i think your core doesnt look that stable, like it could be tightened or braced more. Maybe try bracing the core and squeezing the glutes more so the bar path will be more straight and vertical.

But then again, im still a beginner much like yourself, i might be wrong lol.


keep your low back arched when deadlifting

stop pushing with your legs in the overhead press

keep your elbows up in the front squat.