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Form Critique on Squat Reps

Looking for advice on my squat here. Im pretty confident on depth just any tips here to bring up the squat. Was a 405 pound squat. Most I’ve hit in the gym. Any comments are welcome!

Depth is fine. Looks deep if anything.

You have a hip shift to the left. Do sonething about that as it will turn into pain with enough time.

You lose back tightness going into the hole and your hips raise too quickly and knees collapse in coming out of it.

Things can go wrong at your max but theres a few issues to address. More reps in the 70-85% range, focus on form. You’ll probably benefit from CAT work.

Some other angles would be cool. Especially to see what’s going on with your knees like shifting back or good morning squats. I can see a hint of that and knees shifting in but other need angles to see properly

Like @strongmangoals said the back tightness is an issue. Not really stable at all so it’s the first thing to go coming back out the hole. Super inefficient trying to transfer force from your lower body to the bar with a squishy back.

Not to long ago I was similar but fixing it up has made a big difference. It all starts with getting a good set up and upper back position. Then you lock your torso in with breathing and bracing. Also helps if you take your time and unrack the bar evenly lol I think it was off a bit to the one side of your back so might explain some things

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Post a video with some reps around 80% or so, so that we can see what your technique looks like without completely breaking down. This was obviously bad and you shouldn’t be repeating that any time soon, work on improving your technique with moderate weights.

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You’re back isn’t tight enough. And you kind if shift to the side at the bottom. But it’s clearly a near max lift. So as said above a video of some reps 75-90% would be helpful.

I’d start from the unrack.

Learn to unrack tighter by picking the bar up, not lifting it out with your upper back.

Don’t take such a big walk out. You took 6 movements to get into position. Make it less.

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I think everyone here point out the main issues, but just to drive home the seriousness of what they’re saying… if you continue to regularly squat with that level of low back rounding and knee cave/hip shift, it will only be a matter of time before you get a serious injury. In particular to the low back, bulging dics and herniations are typically overuse injuries… it’s not one bad squat that does it, it’s a bunch of bad squatting over and over again. It doesn’t even have to be heavy… I pushed my low back over the edge last year squatting with 60% and ended up with a super fun L5-S1 rupture. I never even let my low back round as bad as in your video, but the rounding I did allow was enough to cause serious damage over time. Since then, I’ve become a form Nazi and do everything I can to make sure 99% of my training is done with 99% correct form, even if it means lower volume and lower intensities. I highly suggest you do the same.


Huge thank you to everyone who put their advice in on this post! Really appreciate everyone. Haven’t had any major injuries yet. I think my main issue I need to address is positioning the bar on my back and making sure the barbell is even. My bracing for some reason tends to be an issue with really heavy weight. i am thinking that is a sign of core weakness. When I do 275 or 315 pounds for reps I tend to not have much of an issue with my bracing.

The more weight you put on the bar, the harder you need to brace.

No you need to address the 6 inch hip shift to the left in the hole.

Along with everything else.

To put it blunt your squat is shit right now and you need to fix the root issue before you explode. I’m not trying to be mean here I’m just being honest.

You can work on your squat with light weights to fix all the issues listed in this thread ( unrack, bracing, walkout, etc ) but you NEED to focus on that big ass hip shift.

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I attributed that to uneven bar placement at near max lol but try this

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It may of been a really bad day for him, but check out his 365 from a year ago.

You can see where the hip shift is starting to display.

His 405 is from a month ago.

This is 3x5 at 315, it’s a lot better on the walkout and lack of hip shift, but then again it’s 77%


Do this sretch.

One side maybe tighter than the other. Roll it out.

Do a couple clamshells.

You should feel it in your glutes. If you feel tightness or pinching in the front of your hip, roll it out.

Stretch your glutes.

If one is tighter, loosen it up.

Then when you are loose and unrestricted, do the glute/adductor stuff from that Juggernaut video. It’s hard to activate the right stuff when the wrong stuff is all tight.

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ok but hows my deadlift?

Maybe, I feel great never got any injury I have a body like Layne Norton. I have a long torso and very short legs for my height. I have been lifting for 7 years only 1 very minor injury.

What does this mean?

He has long legs and lots of injuries.


You stiff leg the shit out of them and try to jerk the bar up. You’ve got some lower and mid back rounding to worry about too.

Check out


Relearn your setup and technique.

Any powerlifter who competes at a high enough level will have a lot of injuries lets be realistic here. Check out my other videos.