Form Critique on Compound Lifts

Hello, a Starting Strength man from Korea.
As a COMPLETE newbie, I’m looking for any kind of feedback and critique on my lifts. I am 5’10 and 134lbs.

I went ahead and took some videos of me doing some compound lifts after reading Mark Rippetoe Starting Strength Book. No trainer at my gym, so I am really banking on whatever advice I can get.

Squatting(With Just the Bar): Rear view

Side view :

Dead lifts(50kg) :

Power Cleans(40kg) :

Benching: (40kg) :

20kg :

Thanks Once again. Please mind the ridiculous techno in the background. You just can’t do without them in Korean Commercial Gyms.

Where do you train? A disco? So this is normal in Korea? lol

Anyway, on your squat I can tell you this. Tighten your upper back more, pull more air into your belly, strengthen your spinal erectors/lower back, and loosen your hamstrings (through stretching & foam rolling).

Also, I can’t really tell this too much as where your pressure is on your feet, but finding some better shoes to squat in should help (do a search on here). Most of this is not important now, but when you have some challenging weight on there you’ll start to see most of this becoming problematic.

Deadlift looks pretty darn good to me.

On your bench, get your wrist in line with your elbows so that your forearm is perpendicular to the floor. Other than that, you can change some things depending on your goals, but I don’t see anything major.

I wish I knew enough about the power clean to help you :wink: I do them, but I don’t feel qualified to critque there. Good lifting bud.

Thanks evolv - that helps a lot. I’ll do some flexibility/mobility work and report back, as well as some adjustments on my bench too.

And yeah…sadly this is normal in Korea. I try to tune it out with alternative music on my own but as you can see, the techno pretty much dominates the gym haha.

Thanks again!

Not very advanced here, but I’ll give it a shot.
Your squat looks okay, I would add a little more hip drive by looking a bit more down to the ground as Rippetoe mentioned in his book. Also your torso seems more vertical than what Rippetoe teaches, are you aiming for an olympic style squat? If you are please excuse the comment. As for the shoes, I agree with Evolv, try getting better shoes. More solid heel ones or flat shoes would be perfect. Those bouncy running shoes aren’t very good for stability.

Your deadlift looks fine, don’t exagerrate the lowering as much as you are though. The gym seems loud enough that a rapid drop of the bar won’t make too much noise.

Your power clean. Seems like you’ve got the whole Jump part down, but the shrugging and racking of the bar is still an issue. Try to “whip” your elbows in front of you more and add more shrug to it.

As for the bench, My bench sucks but one thing I’ve noticed about both of our benches is that the elbows and wrists tend to not be lined up. At heavier weights, it usually causes my wrist discomfort afterwards.\

Best of luck, take note I’m not the very advanced in lifting, stilling learning. please, anyone correct me if something is wrong.