Form Critique Help

Please critique my lifting videos. My squat and deadlift has been stuck for 2 years and even gotten weaker. I wake up every morning with hip pain and stiffness in my hip flexors and the side of my hips as well. I’m pretty sure I have weak glutes too so I’ve been warming those up every lifting day. I’d like help coming up with a plan to get past this. I took these videos last Saturday morning and all weekend my hips were on fire. It wasn’t pain to point of not being able to move around but it was enough to be on my mind annoying me all weekend and today. Any advice is much appreciated. Two years ago both lifts were at 500 and now back squat is 435 and deadlift is 475. - YouTube - YouTube

I watched the videos and don’t see any glaring issues with your form. I’m not an expert but it seems unlikely that you would be able to reach 500 lbs on both lifts then suddenly develop a technical deficiency and regress. How old are you, what has your training looked like over the past few years, have you gained or lost weight? Diet? Sleep? Injuries? I have a feeling your answer is in there.

I’m 35 and my training has been 5/3/1 over the past few years. I get pain in my hips so I’m wondering if I have an imbalance somewhere causing it. My diet and sleep are good. I gained weight thinking it would help get me back there but it didn’t so over the last year I’ve gotten back down to where I was previously. I haven’t had any injuries except this hip pain that sometimes gets into my lower back as well.

honestly, I don’t think that the pain comes from lifting. It may be from sitting or sleeping. If your bed is fcked up or your chair, or the way you sleep/sit, it might be what is causing the pain.

Do more hamstring work, do direct glute work, do more abs and stretch the sh*t out of your lower body.

Thanks I will do those things.