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Form Check


I've been lurking for awhile around T-Nation and finally decided to sign up. I've been on stronglifts 5x5 for the past 2 months and just started lifting again today, after a one week break (was really sick). I was wondering if you guys could check my squat and deadlift form.

Sorry for the bad quality, was using my phone at that time.


Squat: not deep enough to parellel, not sitting back and engaging hips/hams/glutes, upper back doesnt look tight and arched. you do look confident under the bar though - which is good

deadlift: your entire back is out of shape, arch it the other way. dont look up, keep a neutral alignment. you do look like youre pushing through with your hips though - which is good

you arent called alex and live in SE london are you?


Thanks for the reply, I'll lower the weight and fix up my form. Oh and no I'm not Alex.