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Form Check Video's; SGHP & C&P (both from hang)


Hey CT,

Saw the thread re you consider this a really good exercise... so trialled it tonight on its own.

Took 2 videos 1 40kg multiple reps.

1 75kg

Need to loose more weight - urgh !

(Added SGHP)


40 kg for reps to see where I’m at technically


75kg for 1;


Replacing with a shortened, corrected version.



Starting position (bar just above the knees) doesn’t look bad. I personally would prefer a little less knee bend and having the hips pushed a bit further back, but that is nitpicking. Shoulders are above the bar and that is correct.

The biggest problem is the explosion. You jump up immediately from the starting position, because of that the bar is about 6" away from your body during the explosion, you then have to pull it back toward you. With a light weight that “works” but as soon as you"ll have some decent weight there is no way to lift like that.

The bar must slide on the thighs as you straighten the back and the explosion actually occurs when the bar reaches a point between the upper portion of the thigh and the hips (depending on your arm length and grip width). The closer the bar can be to the hip when you explode upward, the better. You are exploding at the furthest point from the hips possible.

I can"t really see the catch because of the camera angle, but you should receive the bar on the shoulders, against the throat with the elbows up. It seems that you are catching the bar on your upper chest with the elbows down. Furthermore, you should catch the bar at least in a quarter squat with the chest up.

As for the high pull… I can;t see the videos they are set on private, and I’m not turning sideways to analyse them, please provide a better shot.


Updated for 70kg

Thanks for your feedback on the Clean; will attempt to “roll it” up and then drive.


No saving the 80kg I’m afraid.