Form check - standing up between reps ok?

Here with deadlifts I do 6 reps then get so out of breath I stand up, take a few breaths and then do another 4, then another 1 to hit my 11 target I’d set.

Is that amount of rest ok for deadlifts or should I count only the first 6?

This would be a rest pause set, rather than a straight set. And I feel it speaks to a need to improve your conditioning.

What made you target 11 reps?


I’m doing original 531 at 85% from the forever book, and generally aiming for 11 on 5+, 9 on 3+ and 7 on 1+ so I can hit the new TM test weight with 5 reps

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Are the 5 reps for the TM test weight done in a similar way: with lots of resting and pausing?

What conditioning are you doing for 5/3/1?

Here is the founder of 5/3/1 doing a set of 10 deadlifts, for reference on how a set would look

Thanks so much for replying. My TM set has 1-2 breaths pause at the bottom of each lift but no more than that.

For sure I need to do more conditioning. At the start I couldn’t finish a set of 5 reps without getting dizzy, but that’s gone now I’m more in shape. I’m just counting my 18x5min cycles to/from work during the week and playing with my 4 kids as my conditioning but I have been thinking maybe I need to do something more structured…

Wow looking at wendler’s 10 rep set I’m doing it wrong! Would it be helpful for me to just do a tap on the floor and breathe at the top then? I don’t mind reducing the weight to where I can do that if it’s better long term …

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This is just called “activity”. You need to do conditioning ON TOP OF activity.

I would use a TM in a set similar to Jim’s execution

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Your lockout seems to be lacking follow-through. Hard to tell, but seems you could be lacking some engagement with your glutes and hams. Ideally, you’d have a more powerful glute contraction at lockout and squeeze for a moment on each rep.

For conditioning, here’s a “fun” finisher geared specifically for the DL that’s crushed me in the past.

Use the same weight, don’t put down the bar unless your resting.
You do 5 rounds of:
0:30 AMRAP power clean from hang
0:30 AMRAP Sumo deadlift
0:30 rest

It’s 10 min only but will wreck you as it’s 7:30 of work. For reference, last time I did this I think I only used like 60lb! lol

Thanks very much! Now fitting it in…

I have lots of 15min slots I can fit my workouts into everyday…

At the moment I do main lift 1st and bodyweight assistance throughout the rest of the day… would I put the finisher at the end? And add some prowler/sled work?

And I guess I’d keep the assistance work the same? (100 push-pull-core for leader 50 for anchor)

I’m not sure I totally follow the timeline constraints, but hard conditioning can definitely fit into a 15-minute window. I’ve started going to a CrossFit class here and there with my wife, and some of the most miserable crap I’ve ever done fits into 8 minutes.

Prowler work is awesome, because you can build up a lot of fatigue very quickly. I like taking some amount of work, and just doing it as fast as possible - I think you tend to see some pretty steady improvement.

So maybe you take your sled and decide you’re going to do 15x 40m trips with 90# (or something that is very hard for you right now). Your first session, it takes you the full 15 minutes; you keep going and eventually it’s taking you 7 minutes (as an example). Now you can start adding stuff in to make it harder - like I’ll add 10 burpees to every trip - and it takes 15 minutes again.

That was a weird ramble I’m not sure why I wrote out. The point is: just pick something you think will suck and leaves you winded, get better at it and add to it over time, just like you’d progress your weights. To the above point: the easier cardio (walking, biking, playing with kids, etc.) is awesome and we should all do it frequently, but it doesn’t have the same conditioning impact as the harder “I want to throw up” stuff. The good news is, you tend to improve really fast when you add it.


Everyone listen to this. Find something heavy, move it in an uncomfortable direction, become biologically better, and make your life happier.


Great! Thanks so much - I will do this. I think I had it in my head that now I’m hitting 40 I should only do “easy conditioning”.

I might even make a prowler the kids can get on :slight_smile:

Now reading forever p.168 he says adjust your assistance if you’re pushing conditioning.

How much? If it’s 50-75 push on anchor. Do I just do 25-50 push while working on my conditioning and see how it goes?

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I’m not the expert on these programs, but I’d probably adjust intensity rather than reps. So maybe instead of doing 10 sets of dumbbell bench press to get those 75 reps, it’s some pushups in between your main lift.