Form Check + Squatting with Wraps Tips + Using Monolift

Hey guys. Am going to compete in wraps next year for my first meet having done most of my squatting bare knee up to these last two weeks. @chris_ottawa has been a big help but I thought I’d also pick the smarts and experience of the whole forum.

Got sent the wrong pair of wraps so ended up with Inzer Iron Wraps Z which I’m told are more intro wraps to get used to it before using some better wraps.

Technique wise I’m told descending faster and using a wrap that has rebound is the way to go for me and also trying to stay more upright to load up the quads/knees/wraps.

Does this sound about right?

Does this look about right? Should I go faster down?

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Also I’m trying to wrap tighter and tighter until I hopefully get to as tight as possible but it makes walking the weight out quite the shaky affair.

Is this just how it is? I think I’ll be able to use a mono at the comp but I still like to walk out a lot in training

If you don’t train with a monolift then walk it out at the meet, it takes practice to set up properly with a monolift and it can throw you off if you try something new at the meet.

Your technique looks fine, you are already descending pretty fast so I would be careful with speeding it up. You have to maintain tension as you descend or you will lose position, faster isn’t always better.


I’d like to take every advantage I can since my gym nemesis doesn’t have access to a monolift often.

I got a mono available at my local gym but not everyone there knows what’s up with Powerlifting so I hesitate to ask for them to operate the mono. Maybe when I go train with friends. So I could get in some practice

Any tips for using a monolift as it’s intended?

I have never used one except in a meet once, and I walked out my squats. Watch some youtube videos or see if @Reed or @MarkKO have some advice for you.


Remember at your comp you will have spotters to keep you feeling warm and fuzzy, plus the charge of being in front of a crowd. I would walk it out as stated above, do what you already know. Max squats walked out can be shaky, practice walking out the weight to get used to the feel of it.

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Your squat looks fine. Change nothing.

Wrap as tight as you can. Yes, it makes walking out feel funny. I would recommend learning the mono and using it. It’s an advantage with or without wraps. You have access to one, so take advantage of it. There’s not a lot to it, I just find it helps to set up with your feet further forward than if you’ll walk it out.

I would also recommend counting how many revolutions you wrap. That gives you consistency because you can measure how tightly you wrap and replicate it. You can probably get some more pop if you sub-x rather than simply spiral. I can do a quick video if you want for that. It’s simple enough: you go spiral bottom to top, rolling out. Once you’re above the knee by a wrap, go down diagonally and then back up diagonally and end below the knee, then go back up in a spiral again. You should get around 12 revolutions with the Iron Zs if not even more.

Lastly, if you’re in a GPC meet here in Aus you HAVE to use the mono. You’re not allowed to walk out as far as I’m aware.

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Oops lol. Umm so in that case at least some
Monolift work becomes essential. How about other feds? Is there ones called capo or something?

As far as knee wrap technique goes I’ve been going 4 spirals up overlapping half way, double up at the top and then spiral down as far as I can and it does the job. Mostly just because Malnichev wraps that way lol. The sub x is pretty popular and shown in a lot of tutorials so you can don’t need to be put together a vid. I’ll have to try it out and see.

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Maybe I can squeeze in some heavy walk out practice closer to comp but I can work in being more stable and efficient right now too.

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I think CAPO allows walkouts, I’m not sure if it differs depending what comp it is though as they cover GPA, WPC and IPO.

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Yes, you need someone there. Make sure you are 100% sure they know what they’re doing.

But really, I have never been to a place where there is a monolift and there isn’t someone there that can help out.

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*Points at Doherty’s Brunswick

Actually now that I think about it I don’t know how to operate a monolift exactly lol