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Form Check: Squats and KB Swing


Hey guys. As I am progressing, I want to see what I am doing wrong so I am not developing bad habits. So id like some feedback on my form, I'm putting a few videos up, let the roasting begin...:smiley:

Also, I know smith squats are maybe the pussifying the squat, but i didnt feel like my form was right on BB squats so im trying to get a feel for the motion. So in advance, thats why SM squats are on there....

Here is a front Kettlebell swing with 25lb KB (LOL at the people in the background)

Smith Machine squatting, two videos combined:

Barbell Squat with light weight:

Age 19
Weight 185 lbs
Active, currently bulking

Nutrition: ~4000 cals
Daily, 60/30/10 --Carbs/Protein/Fat from eggs, egg whites, milk, oatmeal, lean turkey, chicken, potatoes, sweet potatoes, protein powder, lots of water, multivitamin, creatine, wheat toast, etc.

I'll post up whatever if you want some more info, thanks in advance.


My gym has no kettlebells so I can provide you no input there.

Ditch Smith Machine squats entirely, the tracking motion will not help improve your freeweight squat and may hinder it if you get too used to moving purely vertically.

Your freeweight squats are too shallow, try to get your hips lower than your knees. It looks like you are keeping decent form, you just need to go deeper. This will provide more hamstring/glute activation.

Oh, and you might want to think about trading out some of your carbs for extra fats. 10% is probably too small. If nothing else just dump a tbsp of olive oil on lunch and dinner.


I usually don't use KBs, usually it's DB and plate front raises, but I wanted to change it up.

Thanks for the info, I need to work on my flexibility some more to get lower as well. Thanks


No problem, have you heard of DeFranco's Agile Eight? Great lower-body mobility warm-up, I started using it when I had pain in the front of my hips from squatting too wide. I do it before every session now.


Awesome dude I hadn't heard of that. I will have to try it on Saturday. Thanks


as stated by HRM, smith squats wont help your free squat at all, do DeFranco's agile eight and look at the mobility articles at Deisel Crew.
the KB swings- where do you 'feel' these? imo i squat down a lot less and use my posterior chain to 'pop'/thrust forward which brings the kb up, you look like you are partly raisng it with your arms


as was said, your squat form is good, but too shallow, not even below parallel. I found holding static bodyweight (full) squat positions helped. For me, at first they made my hips and ankles very uncomfortable, but they are a safe way to get used to hitting a greater depth. One simple way to do this is stand in front of a door handle (closed door), reach out and grab it with both hands (for stability) and then lower yourself down to as deep as possible.

And yes, ditch the smith machine squats. Anything done on the smith machine gives less benefit (when thinking about building a more stable, well rounded, strength base) than the free weight alternative.


um.. you're not in a position to lol at anyone. go google RKC swing. you squat too much and lift the bell too high.


Yeah from what I can see there is a grossly overweight woman making the effort improve her health, something many of the inert general western population should be doing (but aren't). Good for her.


thanks for the last part of the post, but i can lol at anything I think is funny.


i thought that was a powerlifter doing box squats