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Form Check Squats: 8 Weeks Out from First PL Meet

I am used to high bar squatting. Shoulder mobility aside, how is my form? I feel like I am too bent over. Butt wink maybe? There are alot of cues to remember. I will link a few videos from my training tonight. The 400 rep lacked depth. That was my single attempt. Will add my 310 for 3 from side and back view. Thanks all.

You’re taking the bar out of the rack with pretty much left leg only. What’s up with your right leg/hip?

Also your DC tattoo is really, really great. It looks like an oil painting!

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Yeah its a bad habit that my legs are so close. It throws my balance off too. Here are a few pics of my tattoo. Sarah Miller from inkmaster did it. At least i will have the best tat at the meet!




Lynda, Adam and Christopher! That’s really cool.

The main issues are not reaching depth and your one-leg unrack. If you can’t hit depth in wraps then not wrapping so tight would make it easier, or using a different pair of wraps.


Was gonna mention the one-leg unrack but I guess everybody touched upon that

Depth at 400 looked questionable, but that could be the wraps. Maybe try sinking the lighter reps a little more? My physical therapist told me to pause a few of the warmups to help with squat consistency

I basically warmup in 3s and pause the first 2. When I get closer to working weight, I’ll pause in 2’s and pause the first.

Depth at 310 is high as well.


Unrack isn’t the best but sometimes with those types of squat stands you got to just setup much lower than you want so you can unrack with even feet.

Initiate your squat by pushing your hips back not by bending at the knees. Think about pushing the hips back first.

Also work that depth down a bit lower.

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