Form Check Squat

Hi, today was my squat day. I had an inconvenience when throwing my top set my chest collapsed in the hole, luckily I could save the repetition, it was a 122.5kg(270lbs) x2 which then repeated and came out 3 repetitions very grinding. The weird thing is that last week with 120kg(264lbs) I made 7 reps
I leave a video of my back off set at 110kg(242lbs) x3 so they can correct my technique. Im running nsuns 5 days.


Ditch those shoes, either go flat soled shoe or an olympic shoe, running shoes have too much cushion and don’t allow for proper weight distribution.

Break at the hips first pushing them slightly back then squat down. You’re mostly sitting straight down which forces you forward a bit.

Otherwise just get stronger all around.

They are a nike metcon, I think they have flat soles. Anyway, I’m looking for some oly shoes.
And respect the squat as you say, I lose the balance forward. I’m going to apply to break first in the hip to see how it goes. My problem is that I have trouble keeping my trunk tilted, I’m new to the low bar.
Thanks for comment

Your descent is inconsistent, each rep looks different. Also you paused the last one. You are also very slow out of the hole, you need to explode up as soon as you hit the bottom, not just ease it up slowly.

Maybe the problem is that you are too focused on a particular back angle. If you do this:

Then you back angle should be inclined as much as necessary.

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Tough to diagnose what went wrong during a set of 270 lbs by looking at a video of you squatting 242… For novice lifters technique will almost certainly be quite different. Post a video of a heavier set that feels “off” and it will probably be easier to give feedback.


Compared to the high bar I do not even feel the stretch reflex effect in low bar. Something that made me explode from the bottom
I will definitely try that cue.
Thanks for comment

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