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Form Check - Squat


Just started Starting Strength a bit ago so modelling my form after the works of Mr. Mark Ripp.

Im 6'3 about 216lb...
Bench: 205x5
Deadlift: 185x5
Squat: Idunno....lets say 175x5

Here is my 5x175lb... any comments/suggestions...besides the obvious that im weak for my weight/height

(is this right area for form check?....)


I see a little bit of lumbar flexion at the bottom, and your knees drift a bit too far forward (but that might take care of itself with more weight). Other than that, everything looks good...

Except for one thing... you have no drive. Next time you squat, on every rep, drive out of the hole like there's a fire under your ass and your nuts just realized it.


I second Jaypierce. No form problems, but doing every concentric rep as fast as you can is a good habit to develop while you're still posting in this forum.


Ditto: can I use that line about a fire under your nuts?

I would suggest doing your squats facing away fromm the mirror so you learn to "feel" your way around a squat. Plus, if you ever decide to compete there will be no mirrors.