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Form Check Squat, Relearning During the Quarantine

Hello guys, I comment on my situation. Tired of not being able to train due to the quarantine I decided to build my own weights and barbell since the cost of a plate in my country is very high. Anyway, I started training a month ago and I found myself “relearning” the 3 basics.
So I would appreciate some criticism or correction towards my squat.

80% 5X5 1set

In this first set my feet collapse somewhat inward, I think because of not rotating externally, “open the taint”, and I think that the angle of the feet are very straight (I am very duck foot).

80% 5x5 5set

In this last set my position of feet is better seen and that they do not collapse, I actively thought about rotating my feet and closed the width of my feet a little. In my next training I will try with a more open angle of foot, something of 40º 45º.

If it’s worth something, I’ll leave this clip about the last thing I trained before quarantine.

Thanks for taking the time.

Honestly this looks pretty good. My only comment would be that you look a little wobbly; not like you’re going to hurt yourself or dump the bar, but shaking a bit. Have you always done that?

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Solid. Only blip is u kinda did a pause rep on first rep of first vid.

Whatever squat style u end up with looks like u have a relatively quad dominant pattern. I’m the same way I pop out the hole quick and have to get my hips through. I’ve found cueing to actively and aggressively get my hips back under me/bar as early as possible on the concentric to be useful.


Thanks for the appreciation.
Not really unless it is close to the maximum, I think it is due to the instability of the discs and the pipe(bar), it is like a tsunami bar. My abductors in the last two sets were dancing.

If it’s something that usually happens to me, I feel like I can’t find the rebound.
Yes I definitely have a quad dominant style, very upright .
I think about pushing the bar high with my back. But I will prove what you say, would it be to squeeze the glutes, or just bring the hips towards the front?
I’ll take a look at the video, thank you very much!

Whatever cue works for u. Try it out and see. We want to avoid bringing in the hips late as you’ve probably experienced before makes the rep hard

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I didn’t see any inward collapse in the video. I would note that, because you are a quad squatter, your hips are not really firing. Or maybe that’s why you’re a quad squatter. Chicken and egg. Watch your finish in the first two videos. You lock out without bringing your hips forward at all. It’s all knees. Try driving the hips forward toward the top and see what that does for you.

I’m going to throw a curveball into the mix, you need to work on ankle mobility/calf tightness.

Your heel is wanting to come up because your ankles can’t move through the complete range of motion.

I feel like your feet are also turned out too far.

I say start with the feet then work on issues up the body from there. Lastly you might be just dropping down into position and not actually pulling yourself down. There should be tension across all the muscles to lower yourself to depth, it shouldn’t be a drop.

I tried pushing with my upper back against the bar as soon as I got to the bottom, as the juggernaut video you shared with me indicates, and I think it solves the problem with late hips.

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Thanks for answering.
If i contract my glutes super hard the bar “popps off” my back when i lockout.
As I comment above I think it solves the problem of not using the hips by pushing with the upperback.

Looks a little better. As long as it feels better for you.

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Thanks for the appreciation.
Yes, during this quarantine I did not work my mobility as I used to when I went to the gym, but it is something that I am already working on.
Believe me if my feet are a little more closed hopefully I can do a quarter squat, I have little (not at all) internal rotation in my hips.
It seems that I drop, capable in some repetitions if I do it with the hope of finding a rebound

Thank you! Yes, I definitely feel the movement better.

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The glutes are not relevant to this, actually, which may be part of the problem. Your hips should come forward, and they do not. It’s like you aren’t using several muscles at all. It shouldn’t be forceful enough to affect the bar, you’re not hammering a cheap whore, you want to simply push forward with them , starting about midway above parallel. Pushing th ehips forward takes advantage of the hingin of your joints. Don’t focus on moving the bar up, just try and straighten your body and the bar will go up on it’s own.

Would it be the same as rippetoe’s “hip drive”? I think about pushing the world, like a leg press and upper back towards the bar (as chad from juggernaut indicates). But I’ll try just to push my hips forward.

@guineapig @nealdog @hardartery @corstijeir
After two weeks I came to these heavy singles (90, 92%) with the things in mind that you told me. Another that I add is to feel the hip flexors in the hole, (something that stefi cohen recommends).

Although there is a minimal difference in weight, I think the technique came out better in the first video.
What do you think, am I technically better? Thank You in Advance

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Looks solid. Maybe on the second u descended a bit slower/more hesitantly and didn’t catch the rebound as nice

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Thanks and yes definitely in the second video I got down very insecure. I did not feel comfortable wedging myself and walking out, making it feel very heavy on my back.I think it was because of something in the elbows.