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Form Check - Squat, Deadlift, Good Morning


Hey guys I just want to get comments on my form for 4 lifts - Deadlift, straight leg deadlift, squats, and good mornings. After watching my good morning form I'm thinking a lower weight or another exercise altogether.

Stats FYI, 21 years old, 135lbs (bulking now), 5'9''

Deadlift was 210x5
Squat was 185x5
SLDL was 165x8
Good morning was 115x8

  1. please lose the gloves

  2. dl looks decent, but try to get your weight back on your heels more. you can see them lifting up

  3. a good morning at 115 when your dl and squat are pretty low seems too high. maybe throw in some bulgarian split squats with an increased range of motion so you get some unilateral work in there and give your lower back a break


first was deads, here are squats (I knew anti-glove comments were inevitable haha)


Straight leg deadlifts


lastly good mornings, like I said earlier I'm glad I taped these. Doesn't look quite right.


Question... how long have you been squatting????
Follow up question.... how often do/did you squat a week????
2x Follow up question... have u front squatted????


I've been squatting regularly for about 4 months or so. I typically start my leg day with squats 3 days after my back day which includes deadlifts (trying to keep them apart). I follow them with a lunge variation, lying hamstring curls, seated leg extensions, SLdeadlifts, and calf raises.

I have front squatted before, but once the weight got too high it was difficult for me to support it without dropping it forward. Would you recommend I try switching back to front squats or even adding them to the same day as back squats



For the squats I say reduce the weight on the bar and go pass parallel (Ass to Grass). If you have trouble squatting deep, check out these videos:

-by coach glenn pendlay of California Strength

-the first 15minutes of this video
-Its by Dan John.

Since you are not used to squatting deep, keep the weight light on the bar and do sets of 10reps. Squat twice or more a week, and along with these stretches you will in a couple of weeks (probably less) have no troubles going deep. And then we can push the weight back up.

As for the front squats.... one day do back squat, the other day do front squats.

Yes when it gets heavy your upper back will give to the weight. Keeping your elbows UP will help you keep the chest up....
(if you have trouble front squatting with a clean grip check out this video:

-also keep in mind you DON'T have to have a full grip on the bar, as you can see John has his hands open and the bar is resting on his fingers.
-another think that helps is to think "Push the Elbows IN and UP")


Excellent links Neo. I was completely unaware of these videos and have now proceeded to save them! haha thank you.


Thanks for the links I'll definitely check them out. As to adding in another day of squats where should I do this if I'm doing a 5 day split.

Right now I do

Also how do my other lifts look?


No. Stop this split. As a true beginner, which you are, do a program that is mainly compound lifts, eat a shit ton, put on size and gain strength, then split it up.

Many people like Starting Strength, I personally have never done it, but I am a big proponent of 5/3/1



Looks like your looking up a bit during the squats. Try forcing your neck back into the bar instead looking up.


+1 to this. I personally had a great experience with Starting Strength as a newbie, and it helped me put on about 25lbs across 4-5 months. Also it's a good book/program to reference as far as form for deadlifts, squats, and bench goes. I think you could potentially sub out power cleans for bentover rows if you don't feel particularly comfortable doing them by yourself w/ no coaching.


I've been gaining strength and size with the split/diet I'm currently on, do I still need to switch it up? I like a 5 day split because I know the more time I'm busting my ass in the gym the better (I've heard it's incredibly hard to overtrain yourself).

Over the past 12 weeks I've gone from 125-135lbs and lifts have gone from
Deadlift 180x5 to 220x5
Squat 155x5 to 190x5
Bench 130x5 to 155x5
Military press 90x5 to 105x5

I make sure to start each day with one of these lifts ending in a max effort for 5 reps. I've been thinking trying a new split that separates one leg day into a quad focused day (squats, lunges) and another that's hamstring focused (SLdeadlifts, leg curls). The other 3 days would be back, chest, and shoulders/traps.


I don't think you're locking out right on the deadlift. I seems like you're overextending your back instead of humping the bar. Might want to change that as you could injure yourself.

Definitely work on your squat and post a new video. Your current squat isn't doing much for you.


I guess I'm trying too hard to make sure I don't roll my back forward and am going too far back on deads.

I did squats today trying to go ATG and definitely felt the difference. I had to lower the weight 20lbs on my 6 rep max. I'm just a little worried at some point I might get stuck at the bottom since I workout solo in my garage. No risk no reward I guess.

Now is a good time to change things up though, I'm changing my split and diet this weekend. I've been on the typical 40/40/20 macro split but am going to try keeping carbs only pre/post workout and some at breakfast. I'm looking forward to my first 6 egg omellete tomorrow though.


Just dump the bar behind you when u atg back squat, and dump it in front of you when you front squat.