Form Check - Squat and Power Clean

Hi - not sure the best forum for this but could I get some feedback on the videos below please? Thanks

Any feedback?

Im a beginner when it comes to the oly lifts so i wont say anything about the clean although it looked fine to me. Your squat form looks pretty good too, nice depth. I wonder how hard you are bracing your core on the squat though

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I don’t have any feedback on the power clean. Are you doing it as a part of Stronglifts of Starting Strength? The clean is pretty complex, so I’m not a big believer in including those if your squat working weight is 80kg. I think for those programs, a bent over row is an alternative, right?

Check out this video for bracing - skip to 3:22

-Draw in Ribcage
-Inflate the obliques
-Twist the floor apart

You seem a little extended on your squat

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It is Starting Strength that I am doing. Rippetoe doesn’t sub BB row in but they do in Stronglifts

Power cleans should be sets of 3, not 5, which is why your last rep was noticeably slower than the first few and you needed a longer pause after the third. Stick with the same weight you’re using, just do the 3 reps as the program says.

The bar is getting away from you as it comes up. Getting your shoulders more over the bar before the lift (almost feeling like they’re behind the bar) should help. There should be actual contact with the bar as it goes up:

Lots of arm pull going on. Focusing on the hip contact should help that, but also:

Overall, I’d give your cleans 2.5 out of 5 stars. Your spine is solid and not rounded, so that’s good to see. You’re not doing anything dangerous, just inefficient.

Really nothing much to critique on the squats. Good grinding through the sticking point. That weight looked heavy and turned into a kind of breathing squat set for the last rep (that’s not necessarily a bad thing). Not to jinx it, but you may be approaching a plateau. I don’t remember off the top of my head what the plan suggest when that happens, but, do that.

In all, I’d give 'em a 4 out of 5. Keep doing your thing.

Thanks for the detailed feedback @Chris_Colucci I’ll watch the videos carefully too.

On the power clean reps the book (spiral-bound first edition) says 5 reps x 3 sets which is why I did that but I can see startingstrength .com says 3 reps x 5 sets. I will go down to 3 reps.

You’re spot on about the squats - the last rep was a breathing type. And you were also correct about a plateau on the horizon…I missed reps yesterday. The program said give it another go and if I miss reps again then drop the weight by 10% and build back up. Tomorrow is take two.

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Take two was successful!