Form Check Squat and Deadlift

Can I get a critique on my squat and deadlift form? I do watch alot of Alan Thralls videos and I can see that my form isn’t the same as his, but it’s hard to figure out what’s causing it. My biggest problem is, I seem to hunch over when I add weights to my squat. I’m aware of it, I don’t know how to fix it.

Lighter Squat - I’m purposefully squatting higher with every rep to correlate what feels parallel to what looks parallel. Any thoughts on which one I should be targeting?

Heavier Squat - My back hunches over. Don’t know how to fix. I can do several more reps at this weight, but it just looks ugly. Is my upper back too weak?


I don’t think form/technique is a one size fits all because of body differences, but that’s why most people go by the same general guidelines. I think it’s good but seems like it could be tighter.

I think a harder brace could help. I think this video covers it:

14:40 - Talks about a big brace on the unrack
15:30 - Draw down (the ribcage), inflate the obliques, bend the bar, twist the floor, sit back/down.
19:58 - Execution
21:45 - Execution

On the first video, your head was up, but your ribs were out, so you were kinda unstacked and the brace was broken. I’ve recently had this corrected by my coach.

Here are some images he sent me:

My fix for the head down in squat was to get in an early position and brace before I’ve walked it out, exhale, and then brace again for my reps. I unrack and walk out with my head up/neutral, and only look down to check my feet, but then Id look straight forward for the rep.

I think bracing and setting your lats (squeezing oranges with your armpits) might be beneficial.

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