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Form Check Squat - 4 Weeks Out from 1st PL Meet

So 4 weeks out. 2 videos here. 425 for double 450 for single. Depth felt good 425. 450 I descended too slow. My goal for meet was 400 so I think I should do that at least.

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Reckon you need more depth on that 450. Your hips were out of shot for the 425.

I’d do a light opener and go deeper than you think is necessary on your first attempt.

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Looks several inches above parallel. Also keep your arms locked in place, don’t move them around.

Thanks for reply. It sure feels like i am breaking parallel. Lol. The uniformed color probably isnt helping. Plus wear my belt higher. When I try and go lower it feels like i am going ATG. Maybe I will upload a video in singlet. Noted about the arms. I always forget my cue to squeeze bar

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Yeah. Probably felt a little high. Need another inch or 2. I think the slow descent messed with me. Needed deeper and faster out of the hole. Boy that phrase could get me in trouble anywhere but on a powerlifting forum. Thanks for the reply.

There is no way that is below parallel, sorry to break it to you. What federation are you competing in? That might pass in SPF or RPS.

Uspa. Next squat session I am just going to put 225-275 on bar and try and get lower. Feels so ingrained though now. It feels like when i hit, what i am considering the hole, that my hips “break” and i feel that rebound.

You think another 1 inch or 2 and i will be good?

I don’t think that will help, maybe something around 80-85% would be better. Just aim to hit depth on every rep as you work up to your work sets.

USPA seems to pass high squats in some meets, you might be pretty close. I would aim to go a couple inches deeper.


I think you should keep your knees straight when you wrap. When you walked it out, the knees looked soft and a strict judge probably wouldn’t give you a squat command till they saw your knees straight.

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I would try to sink it a bit deeper. Might pass in uspa meet.