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Form Check: Replacing Back Squats w/ Front Squats


My Back Squat form plan sucks.


I've been working on the third world squat and doing DeFranco's Agile Eight to improve my depth and form. I don't want to fuck up my back with my terrible (look at the video, it is terrible) form.

Does this make sense to use front squats? (which I think in comparison my form rocks... but you tell me!)


and not as nice:

Oh, I'm doing SS, on week 5, have seen lifts go up decent and gained 14lbs.

Please rate form and give me any spots for improvement. Thanks!


40 views.... anyone?


You're looking down on the back squats. Should look more straight ahead like in the front squats, might not be a coincidence that your upper back isn't rounding in your front squats.

I also see a bit of lower back rounding at the bottom, in all 3 videos


fucking hell mate, LOOK UP/STRAIGHT AHEAD WHEN SQUATTING there are loads of online reasources for teaching you form, look for them


You are starting your descent with your knees(in the Back Squat Vid). Don't do that. Tink about your hips. Stretch your hammies and back well before you even touch a bar. You are not hitting even near parallel in the BS.

As already mentioned, look up(I find forward is best for me but I suck ast squatting). Chest up, abs tight.

How tall are you? I'm no expert but it looks like you have shitty squatting leverages


My view:

-Head up, look forward not at the floor. Keep that chest up.

-Pull your hips back at the start of the motion then sit down into the squat - you seem to be leaning forward slightly because you're not pulling your hips back. That slight forward lean gets worse the lower down you go cause its pushing you into the floor.

-Your arms shouldnt be horizontal, they should be vertical.

I think if you sort the position of your arms out, and not let the weight push you down, you'll sort a lot of problems out.

Also, try a slightly wider stance and see how that feels. Feet pointed out slightly, pushing the knees out and not letting them fall in.

Hope this helps.


This guy's videos are good to take a look at.


you need to be actively arching/extending your back, and initiating the movement (at least on the back squat) by pushing your ass back first.

big chest, lumbar arched

when you're front squatting, your torso should be much more upright.

watch this


I've been following Mark Rippetoes advice to pick a spot about 6 feet in front of you and focus on it. I'll def try looking ahead tonight at the gym

I'm 6 4.... def shitty leverages, but what do ya do, it's how I'm built.

How would my arms be vertical? I don't get this...?

The sitting into it makes sense. Will try that as well.

I always feel like I'm going to fall over when I arch my back, guess it's mobility again.

Where you from in Ontario?


Ok I think I see the arms vertical thing now...


thunder bay, the undisputed capitol of northwestern ontario

as for arching the back and balance, try with goblet squats to get used to the motion. your lower extremities might be too tight, so just keep working at it and arch your back through the whole motion.

as for shitty leverages, i've stopped falling back on that one once i realized that a large proportion of nfl athletes are way taller than me and squat way more. i've actually come to love a front squat with a huge range of motion (i'm only 6'1 though) and i rest easy knowing that my legs get in more work per rep than my stubbier weightroom compatriots

edit: oh ya, watch this every day


I'm by no means using it as an excuse, simply acknowledging that I am effin tall.

I will work on the goblets. I'm just editing some vids for brevity from tonights workout and will have them up soon. I don't think I improved much, but I tried to keep my chest out, head up, etc.

jesus... he's near vertical the whole way...


Any better at all? I know I'm not near vertical enough now...

Back vid coming.


Hair better, but hardly...
Starting to piss me off... I can't figure out why I can't descend correctly!

Starting to search for a coach to meet with.


Also, why have you the safety pins set for your front squats? They actually look like they are impeding on your depth


1) head still isnt up - just keep your head up and your chest will rise a bit naturally.

2) Too much bending at the knees still. Keep the weight on the heel of your foot you should find it harder to lean forward like that.

3) Post another video when you've sorted those things out

4) Just keep at it and dont let it frustrate you

EDIT: Work on hip mobility and hamstring/hip flexability. I think you could benefit from the stretch that guy does in the 8 min video where he gets into his squat, and uses the rack to open his hips up and get a stretch.


WTF? I had a lengthy post typed out earlier and it never showed...


I actually set them too high this time by mistake.

And... not bumper plates, can't drop the weights.


Will do all those things... I think I've seen the video you are talking about but not sure


It's in the thread Squat RX1