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Form Check Power Cleans


Hello guys,

I would really appreciate it if you would have a look at my power clean Form and give me some advice.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Bar is traveling around your knees. Hips should move up, knees should move back, bar shouldn't go around the knees.

And don't try to jump. Try to elevate the bar kicking it with your hips. While trying to do that, don't drive your hips forward in order to reach the bar, bring the bar to your hips instead.


thank you

so the "jump" is rather meant to be a cue for the triple extension rather than an actual jump?

"jumping" later / letting the bar travel more upwards should most likely fix the problem with the hips moving forward, shouldnt it?


You must perform first part of the movement (first pull) correctly to be able to finish the move correctly. From the very beginning, the bar is not traveling the way it should - it it's going around your knees. The bar should move towards you, not away from you.

Listen, don't think of jumping, don't think of shrugging. Think only of getting the bar into proper position so you can move it with your hips.
If i were you, i would try to get my hips lower when in starting position (parallel). I'll say thins again, when pulled the bar, your hips will rise and your knees will extend, allowing the bar to travel. Squeeze your lats, that's how you keep the bar close to the body. GET the bar TO your hips, not your hips to the bar.

When you perform first pull correctly and the bar gets where it should be, there won't be any need to drive hips forward, and hips will do work just fine.
I don't know if i mentioned this, but weight should be on your heels. Thinking of this helped me.

So, practice having these things in mind, and then send video again.

Best regards


Actually i get your point, i Kind of realized my habit to push my hips forward.

However what is quite confusing for me is that matt Rhodes From elitefts commented the Video with "fantastic! Really not much More Tod say".


There are quite a few things wrong with this lift, you should post this in ct forum he generally is willing to help with form, teqnique issues etc. your first pull is off and your trying to jump the bar into position rather than extending your hips forwards but up to create the momentum to get under the bar in my opinion you shouldn't purposely jump to create triple extension as this gives the illusion of creating power when in reality the hips haven't created that force, having said that if your creating enough velocity that you come off the floor that's fine just allow the power in your extension to make that happen


This link may help allways found will Flemings advice helpfully


I should also clarify when I say hips forward I mean as your hips are extending upwards rather than purposely going forward


Never kick the bar with your legs.

Nothing hits the bar to lift it, never.

till the kness the bar goes slow, touching the legs. when you have passed the kness you have to do the real pull with the torax and complete the full extension hip-legs-ankles. is this part of the movement, the bar is only touching legs and hip, but the bar is not hited by anything.