Form Check Post Injury Starting Strength

I decided to record my work sets today at the gym after squating for the second time after being out for 2 and a half weeks due to bicep and quadricep tendonitis, it killed to lift my arm in the air or reach back and it killed to go up the stairs or even walk for a long time. But after lots of mobility, stretching, and professional help im back and ive been feeling some sort of uncomfortableness/tightness/odd pain in my lower back after squats, the feeling stays for about 10 seconds then it goes away, thats why i stand there and straighten out my back after the squats in these videos below. note that i did deload 10% when i came back after my injury and im only squatting heavy twice a week with a light day in between, like Rippetoe says. thanks for all the advice here are the videos, all 3 sets.

Take what im about to say with a grain of salt. Since IMO watching form videos are so second rate and can give false feed back due to fixed angles …next to watching someone in person. But it looks like from my vantage point it looks like your really arching your back excessively . There is something that just seems off from my perspective that I just can not put my finger on. I will say on your 3rd set I would suggest considering getting your actual hips under the bar more on your set up.

Hey sorry for the late reply, I thought that I’d try playing with my form for a couple of sessions. On Tuesday i tried to focus on squeezing my glutes as I go down and I try not to arch my back but I felt like I was just leaning over and putting a ton of stress on my lower back so clearly I’m doing it right. And yesterdays workout I tried focussing on bending my knees first to keep my back from arching, and there was still some low back tightness but not as much even though i know that im still doing something wrong. Maybe I need to focus on loosening my hip muscles on off days?

Also I’m sort of confused. In Greg Nuckols’ How to Squat article he says “Intentionally arch your low back harder. This will put your pelvis in anterior tilt, so you’ll already be starting the lift in a bit more hip flexion.” Is that what I was doing in the videos above, or is that a bad thing? IDK

Cant say for certain… but you might be over doing it.