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Form Check: Post Bulging Disc Rehab

Hey It’s only been a month since I was cleared by my physio/chiro to begin training again. I’m slowly working my way back up, but I’ve been having trouble with butt wink during my squat. Even when i’m doing bodyweight squats theres a majoy butt wink going on,but with the belt there’s less. Was wondering if I could get some tips on how to fix this problem.

Thanks Alot!

If you guys could check my OHP form as well that would be great. I know it’s not one of the big 3 lifts, but it’s my main accesory movement for bench.


Looks like you are breaking at your knees first in the squat, so could be tight hammies preventing you from dropping straight down and leading to butt wink… Get a tennis or lacrosse ball, sit on a table with it on your upper hamstring area and pump your leg back and forth, it should stretch it out. You will know you have the right spot because you will feel it shoot all the way down your leg. Might help, I am sure there are other issues but it isn’t the best video.

Ohp can’t do because of shoulders so I can’t help ya on that one