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Form Check on Sumo Deadlifts

The deadlift and I seem to be natural enemies but I am not giving up.

I think I made some progress on my form.

Happy for any help I receive!



  1. You’re pulling off your toes with the bar out in front. If you’re afraid of scraping wear high dress socks. As it stands now the bar seems to be 1-2 inches away from your legs.

  2. I’m going to go off the reservation here but your hips are looow. Raise the hips a bit if possible or go back to conventional.

@jbackos :
Thanks for the feedback. I was noticing as well that the bar was a little bit too far away.

i don’t think i’m really qualified to critique your form since i’m struggle with mine too but from the video i notice that you hips shoot up a bit before the bar breaks the ground, you should check that out it’s the same thing jbackos said your hips are too low. you should check on youtube there’s a lot of sumo deadlifters that have some good videos silent mike and candito comes to mind.

good luck

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Yep. Looks good. Just work on keeping the bar from getting away by engaging your lats. And raise your hips a bit. Like conventional, set up over the midfoot and bend your knees only until you’re shins meet the bar. From there reach for the bar with your arms. Don’t let the hips lower.

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I tried keeping my hips higher this time and focused on a vertical shin angle. That did not feel bad but viewing the footage I guess my shoulders are too far out in front of the bar, right?

Have you checked out

This helped me tons.

Keep working hard bro!