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Form Check on Squats. 5x3@90%, 385-Pounds Low Bar

My current progression is as follows:
Week 1: 5x5@75%
Week 2: 5x3@80%
Week 3: 5x1@85%
Week 4: 5x5@80%
Week 5: 5x3@85%
Week 6: 5x1@90%
Week 7: 5x5@85%
Week 8: 5x3@90%
Week 9: 5x1@95%
Then I follow up with my assistance work.

Thank you for your input.

The biggest problem I see is the unrack and walkout. The way you unrack the bar looks a bit awkward, you appear to pull it back off the hooks instead of lifting it straight up and then you kind of stumble backwards into place. It might not make a huge difference with 385 but if it was 500+ then you would start to have issues.

The squat itself looks OK, you are really slow out of the hole though and it looks like you spend too much time down there. Once you hit the bottom of the squat you want to reverse it as fast as you can, by nearly pausing you lose some of the stretch reflex.

Thank you. I never thought to work on my walkout. I will be doing that.

Looked pretty good. I think one thing you can do to really increased the squat is learn to descend faster in order to take advantage of the stretch reflex and add heavy paused squats to your programming. Moving slow out of the hole will kill your squat later.

why are you set up for high bar squats when you’re trying to do low bar squats? you need to lower the bar placement and use proper low bar squat techniques and cues.

pausing at 0:28, the bar is no longer above your midfoot. although your feet can’t be seen, it already seems like the bar is over your toes.

due to the awkward angle, i still tried my best to do this. the blue lines you can ignore, as i only made it at the beginning to track vertical accuracy on the bar. the top horizontal green line is the barbell placement, bottom green line is your knees and hips placement, the vertical red line is where bar should be travelling. horizontal red line is where bar should be placed on you where the bar should be.

note: you should only use this as a guideline because of how awkward the angle is. and i can’t even see your feet to make an accurate barpath placement, i was only able to assume where your mid foot was.

just saw this video. Glad you think it’s a high bar squat too, lol. I was wondering why he was calling this a low bar squat. The bar position is high, and the form he uses is appropriate for high bar as well.

And honestly, there’s nothing wrong with high bar squats. That’s all I do. Just something you need to be aware of, so you’re using the right mental cues.


im struggling with squats. im trying to learn how to properly do low bar squats. is he really doing high bar? because thats the way im doing it too. i think hes too upright?

No you’re not.

You know how to low bar squat well enough. That’s not to say you can’t improve, but you’re low bar squatting right now. I just looked at your vids the other day. You’re fine dude.

Between your threads in the pharma section, your form checks and your insistence that something’s wrong with your squat it seems like you’re doing everything you can to run away from the very simple fact that you’re a super-skinny dude who has been losing weight on a strength training program. By your own posts you’ve gone from 160 to 153 since February on a 6’2" frame. You’re a toothpick.




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the angle of the torso will vary among each individual due to genetics based on everyone’s body proportions and limbs’ length. for example: a person with a short torso and long legs will usually be leaning forward more than a person who has a long torso with short legs. the reason why everyone will look slightly different when doing compound lifts is because we all must compensate and adjust our body accordingly in order for the bar path to travel as vertical as possible directly above our midfoot while still following the same rules,cues, conditions. placing the bar too high will cause the person to want to lean forward more and most likely not able to hit depth properly. there are many many many other reason that will play a role and cause different problems in your joints when exercises are not executed properly.