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Form Check on Squat, OP, Deadlift

Oh, right. I only saw you post a press video, I figured you only trained press. That’s kind of less important, split the total in half. You could do the 3x5 and 5x5 press and the 350 set bench for a month and then vice versa for a month if you like. Pick whichever you want to improve more and focus on that for a while. The dips/push-ups and rows and pull-ups and pull aparts/facepulls will help press OR bench pretty equally. The only thing I will say is you’ve got decent shoulder mobility. That’s worth putting effort in to preserve, and regular OHP will go a fair way to do that so I would recommend always doing some regularly.

Ok. I will definetly check this program out, seems like alot of fun and good hard work.

Thank you for Your time, im off to hit up YouTube to learn more about the exercises.

You will proparbly hear from me again before the summer.


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I’ll be here

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You’re squatting off your toes it looks like. Put that weight into the middle of your foot, try pushing through the heel, see if that balances it in the middle. if you start actually pushing through only the heel focus on just the middle.

Not sure how wide your grip is on overhead press, that part looks good. How hard are you bracing? When i overhead press i flex my glutes hard and brace really hard, you can get back pain in the long run if you’re not bracing. It also helps me just get the weight up, better force transfer.

I like how you lower the weight on deads.

I’ll be honest, I skimmed these posts, so correct me if I’m wrong…

Your plan is to run StongLifts while on a fat loss diet? I just finished running SS and was in a surplus the whole time. It was a mild surplus but I couldn’t imagine running the program on a deficit or even maintenance (and the author of the program heavily advises against it). As a side note, I gained ten pounds in four months. It doesn’t seem like I gained any fat but I probably did.

I did see you were talking with guys to re-vamp your training to gear it more towards fat loss. If your main goal is fat loss then I wouldn’t recommend StrongLifts. If you care more about getting stronger, that could definitely work though.