Form Check on Squat, OP, Deadlift

Hi guys.

My name is Christian. I am new to compound lifting and want to learn! I weigh 105KG and i am 185cm tall.

I am currently using the Stronglifts 5x5 app, more a rip off from starting strength i later found out, and want to continue with the Texas method after i finish Stronglifts.

My goal is to loose fat And gain muscle. I want to Do this by using Stronglifts and eating clean, try not too eat too much, staying a bit under maintnance.

I will post videos off My lifts here, they are the last sets of 5x5, they are not 5RM but close.

Squats are: 67,5kg, OP: 32,5kg and DL: 62,5kg




Thank you for all responses!

PS: i might have anteriour pelvic tilt, because i sit on My ass alot. Getting this checked!

PPS: any good fat loss tips will also be welcomed.

A few videos might help others to respond with valuable insight. Also why no Bench while doing 5x5 or Row.

Hi im new so im trying to figure out how to post videos, they are .mov trying to Get them to .gif.

I row and BP too, will post after i have videos from them.

If you have a Youtube put them on there and then copy and paste the html to a post and we can see it.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Please check them out. Will post BP and row later. My Squat might be too fast and uncontroled? And the lowering part of my DL is just bad.

@MarkKO any thoughts on the vids ? :slight_smile:

I see nothing wrong. You will get stronger.

Your OHP is especially nice.

Follow a good program and reap the rewards.


I am going to Slow down My Squat for more control. What about My DL? A friend told me to Get My ass lower, this will Get My back in a more neutrual position and help me from the top to bottom pos, getting this in a straight line.

Any thoughts on this ? I am doing the Stronglifts 5x5 program.

Squat: descent is too aggressive. Doesn’t have to be slow, but needs more control. Descending that fast is almost guaranteed to make you lose tightness as you hit depth. Push your glutes through before you descend and keep squeezing them as you go down. Apart from that it looks OK.

Press looks fine

Deadlift: keep your chest up/bottom of ribcage pointing at the floor. Get your shoulders behind the bar before you pull and keep them there. Keep your shins vertical from the start. Scraping the bar on your shins can be a good way to ensure you do all this. Get those there cues right and pretty much everything should fall into place.

For diet etc:

Thanks @MarkKO!

Will definitly take the tips and continue to progress on My technique.

I got myself an app that track my macros and kcal intake, so will use this to Get mye daily nutrition intake under control.

Hopefully i can use the Stronglifts 5x5 three times a week while on this diet program.

I will start at 3,400kcal PR day for a week and next week go to bw x 14, then bw x 13 next week. But when Do you stop? Dident see that in the article.

Again, Thanks!

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Stop when you hit 11xbw. I’m pretty sure there’s a part in the article about that somewhere. Your ultimate goal is to get maximum results with minimal change. First, it’s simply easier. Second, it leaves you much more room to move if your fat loss stalls.

I’d suggest starting at 3200 cal/day. See how you go. If/when you stop progressing, move to 3000 cal/day, etc. When I say stop progressing, I mean you see no weight less for over a week to 10 days. Try measuring your waistline too, because if that’s receding even if the scale isn’t you’re still progressing.

With training, I’d suggest adding volume. Stronglifts is a mediocre program at best, and I’m being nice saying that. Nothing wrong with using sets of five, but that alone won’t help your muscle retention. Something like

Day 1

350 set at 50% of working sets (50 total reps in three sets, three minute rest if you really want to be mean to yourself


Strict BB row
50 total reps

Day 2

3x5, same working weight as day one
350 set at 50% of working sets (50 total reps in three sets, three minute rest if you really want to be mean to yourself

Strict BB row
50 total reps

5x5, same working weights as day one

Day 3



Dips/push-ups/assisted dips supersetted with fatman pull-ups/assisted pull-ups
50 total reps each

Day 4

Walking lunges supersetted with back raises
50 total reps each at bodyweight

Band pull aparts/facepulls
100 total reps

Single arm farmer carry
10 per hand as heavy as you can handle for 20 metres/each hand, rest every 40 metres just long enough to catch your breath

Incline treadmill walk
20 minutes, maximum incline 4 km/hr

Reason i use the 5x5 is because its easy to Get started with it and it allows you to train 3 times a week. I also wanted to spend time learning the basic barbell movements. After 5x5 i wanted to go to the Texas method or to a program i created myself:

Have not put sets or reps in as i am a bit cofused to What would be good. Any critique is more than welcome.

Day A

Box jump
Medisinball throw

Day B

Medisinball throw
Box jump
Strict OP
Power clean

Week 1: ABA
Week 2: BAB

If you’re cutting down fat, volume is your friend. That’s where 5x5 lets you down. Ditto training three days a week. Four days is probably a minimum.

Your setup isn’t bad as such, but leaves out back work almost entirely; and I’ve never seen much of a point in jumps and throws unless you’re an athlete. I think you could do better. The example I set up lets you hit pretty much everything you need to and should work for a good three months. Add 5 lbs a week to squat, press and DL. The other lifts don’t need too much progression in load. Just do more reps and fewer sets.

I am always open to listen to experienced lifters!

And the push ups, Dips super sets how would i Do that ? Alot of questions here but i would like to Get IT as right as possible the first time :slight_smile:

Can i do sled pushes instead of farmers walk?

What so you mean with 350 rest: [quote=“MarkKO, post:11, topic:229089”]
350 set at 50% of working sets (50 total reps in three sets, three minute rest if you really want to be mean to yourself

350 at 50% Yes i understand :slight_smile: that sounds like My legs will Get a good beating :wink:

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Whichever you can: ideal world, you do dips. If you can’t yet, do push-ups. If you can’t do those, do assisted dips. You superset those with pull-ups/fatman pull-ups (aka inverted rows)/assisted pull-ups using the same continuum as for the dips.

You can push a instead sled if you like. I suggested single arm farmer walks as heavy as you can handle for a set distance because they will help your grip and also work your abs, and if you take relatively short rests will help your conditioning too.

Ok. How about biceps work and Core work? And when you say press, Do you mean bench or OP? And if you mean OP Why is there no BP and vice versa?

Biceps: 100 reps of BB rows and 50 reps of pull-ups a week. Still think your biceps will miss out? Do half the BB rows with a double underhand grip.

Abs: 140 reps of squats, 90 reps of military press, 50 reps of lunges, and possibly a bunch of unilateral farmer walks. Plenty.

Point taken!

So it was OP you meant, how about the bench press ?