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Form Check on Squat and Power Clean

Power Clean:

I know I need to keep my head straight. Do my hips need to be a little lower?

Also I let the bar get away from me like an ass on the last rep. Won’t do that again as I could damage the mirrors (which I shouldn’t be using, I will clean facing the other direction from now on).


I think I look good, would like comments if anyone has any.

Thank’s in advance guys. I’m hoping to have my squat over 225 within a month!!!

I’m guessing that the lack of comments and 20+ views means that no one has anything to add. :wink:

You guessed wrong lol.

For the power clean I am not a huge expert but without a doubt one of your problems if you will look at 37 seconds into the power clean you will notice that you hips are not that high not very low but ok in my opinion for a POWER clean. But if you notice the first thing you do when you initiate the pull is your hips raise way before the bar even starts to come off the ground and by the time your going for the second extension your legs are all but locked out really hurting your power and strength from your lower body. Once you get heavy your going to start missing the cleans right above your belly button because of it. Also I suggest getting a pair of oly shoes for the cleans and snatches. They will help you get into a lower position with chest up high much easier and allow you to push through your heels at the start instead of turning it into a RDL pull. I also suggest posting the power clean in the Oly section of the forum instead of the beginners you will get muchg more detailed description of how to fix what I pointed out and they will probably also point out a few more flaws.

Your Squat I guess according to Mark Rip looks decent I personally believe you need to look straight ahead slightly up, pull your elbows forward which will help you maintain a high chest and stay back on your heels. Depth is great.

Wow that was VERY detailed!!!

Thanks a lot Reed! I will definitely go post this is the Oly forum and try out your squat suggestions.

You look like you make a point of looking down when you’re squatting, look straight ahead.