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Form Check on Some Lifts!


Hi, I've been lifting for some time now and lurking this site as well. I'm not much for introductions, but I'd like some critique/tips to improve my squat, deadlift, and pressing form. Here are the videos. Thanks in advance, and I apologize if the angles are no good!





Flat shoes.


Ah yes yes, some chucks or skate shoes I suppose. My Free Run's are relatively low heeled for runners and are flexible. I'm just so used to em and they're comfy, I'm reluctant to change shoes haha.


The main thing that stood out to me was how you placed the bar down on deadlifts so delicately. The most dangerous part of the deadlift is after the bar passes the knees. Trying to lower it slowly, especially at that point, will (excuse the language) fuck up your back eventually. I'm no expert, just speaking from my personal experiences and what I've learned about them through lots and lots of reading. Back pain sucks, trust me.


I hear you on that. I haven't run into issues yet lower the weight slowly past the knees, but I can see where it could cause potential problems in the long run... especially at heavier weight. I mainly do it as not to be the obnoxious guy who slams the weight onto the floor. There's a guy at my gym who already has that job and he's incredibly irritating.


On your deadlifts knee extension is preceding hip extension. These two need to be in sync. A big part of the problem is your set up. Look at how far your knees and shoulders are over the bar. You have to do this just to keep the bar from hitting your knees. Sit back on your heels, falling backwards as you ascend, driving through your hips from the start. Get your shoulders behind the bar slightly before you start pulling. Overall you seem a bit quad dominant at the moment. Learn the wonders of the posterior chain!

On your OHP, get your lats engaged. Before you start, pull the bar to its starting position like a lat pulldown until they are engaged. Then keep them engaged throughout the press. They will provide nice leverage.


don't worry about it as long as you don't just drop the weight, though if you're a boss and you just pulled 4pps for reps you can do whatever you want IMO.

nobody gets extra credit for gingerly putting the bar down. just guide it and you're good.

case in point: