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Form Check on My Squat and General Advice



I’ve been lifting for about 2 months now and I weigh 220 pounds. This video was my last workout squating 230Ibs. im just wondering if there is anything I should change to my form, because the weight is feeling very heavy for me lately. I started with 135 and I have been adding 5 pounds per training session, I don’t think I can go up in weight for very many more workouts before i can’t lift it. my goals are to just get as strong as I can without gaining any more fat. At 220 pounds I was thinking I could get fairly strong while staying the same weight. My diet has not changed since I started lifting and I don’t really care about losing body fat right now, I just don’t want to gain any more fat. I’m just worried about plateauing too soon. On the other hand my deadlift (275), bench (170), and press (125) all seem to be progressing pretty easy.

By the way I’m doing StrongLifts 5x5 program except 3x5 on the squat because of knee issues in the very beginning.
Any thoughts or critiques?


It’s fine. No glaring issues.

SL 5x5 tells you what to do if you stall.


Your form is actually pretty good for someone who’s only been lifting for a couple of month.

The only thing I would suggest is to drive your elbows down and keep your lats tight.

You said you decreased the volume to 3x5; just remember, volume and intensity have an inverse relationship. If you’re doing less total reps (15 in this case), the only way to get stronger is to increase the intensity (weight used). Otherwise I would go back to doing a 5x5 and just lower the intensity to something that doesn’t bother your joints, and work on building up your work capacity.