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Form Check on Deadlifts

I haven’t really had anyone check my form on deadlift other than the videos I take of myself and I do see some things wrong with it but was wondering and trying to get an idea from everyone else.

Nothing really jumped out as “OMFG stop that now or you’ll get wrecked”, but one thing that did stand out was that you’re kinda rushing the lockout, like on the first rep and a few others you just about barely got upright before starting the eccentric. It’s not a powerlifting meet, so there’s no “down” command, but try to hold the top for another half-beat. That’ll solidify the lift and build some total body stability, and will require you to really fire the glutes to finish the movement (which it looked like was also absent on a few of the reps).

Thank you for the feedback! I will definitely work on holding at the top to ensure lockout and firing of my glutes. Is there anyway I can make sure I am using my glutes every rep? Also is the high hip position ok or would I be better of trying to get lower?